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U2 - 2009-10-06 - Atlanta, Georgia

U2 - 2009-10-06 - Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Dome

Taper: Brent P.
Source: Core Sound Binaurals with Filter Box "On" > Sony MZ-R70 > Creative External Sound Card > USB > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave Editor (track splits) > TLH > xACT (VBR mp3)

Taper's Notes:
"Well, not as good as Raleigh, but not hateful for a dome show...I used the same spot just in front left of the soundboard...again, very little crowd noise but wow did they have the volume turned up!!! I used the same exact levels as Raleigh and this one came out a bit hot... the show is very clear but has some bass issues and not so great at loud volume (IMO). Disc 2 sounds better because I notched my levels back a bit during the disc switch (right at the end of Crazy, did not miss anything but a few chants)...After Streets we had a bit of an issue causing there to be a cut during the encore break, cuts back in right before Ultraviolet...if you listen very closely, you can hear my disgust at this person as I drop an F bomb on him.... Any way, offer stands on this one too, if anyone can make it better, by all means have a go at it."

01. Intro - Space Oddity (01:17)
02. Intro - Kingdom / Breathe (07:25)
03. Get On Your Boots (04:13)
04. Mysterious Ways (04:54)
05. Beautiful Day | Blackbird* (06:25)
06. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For | Stand By Me* (03:56)
07. Stand By Me (01:03)
08. Speech - Bono (02:16)
09. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (04:51)
10. No Line On The Horizon (04:28)
11. Magnificent (05:35)
12. Elevation (03:51)
13. Until The End Of The World (04:40)
14. The Unforgettable Fire (04:41)
15. City Of Blinding Lights (05:27)
16. Vertigo (04:12)
17. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Redanka Remix) (06:00)
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday | People Get Ready* (06:04)
19. MLK (02:41)
20. Walk On | You'll Never Walk Alone* (08:19)
21. Speech - Desmond Tutu (01:47)
22. One (05:34)
23. Amazing Grace* (00:46)
24. Where The Streets Have No Name | All You Need is Love* (06:52)
25. Interlude - Funeral Blues* | Ultra Violet (Light My Way) (05:28)
26. With Or Without You (07:01)
27. Moment Of Surrender (07:43)

* Snippet

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