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U2 - 2011-05-24 - Salt Lake City, UT (USA) (FLAC & MP3)

U2 - 2011-05-24 - Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
Rice Eccles Stadium - University of Utah
Excellent audience recording

Taper: JLW
Location: Recorded approx. 20 ft from stage, inner circle, Edge side.
Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 > SP-SPSB-6 > iRiver H320 44.1khz WAV > xACT (VBR mp3)
Taper's Note: No post-processing was done to the recording.

Comments: It's not on the printed setlist, but U2 does a bit of Love Rescue Me in honor of Bob Dylan, who's 70 years old today. Dylan co-wrote and performed that song on Rattle And Hum. Bono then leads the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Dylan.
Before Beautiful Day, Bono brings three sisters on stage and joins them in reciting a poem about Utah. This poem is called Utah and is by Minnie Hardy.
Here’s the poem:
Utah I’m glad to be here where the mountains rise
Dazzling white ‘neath the clear blue skys
From crimson dawn ’til the dear day dies
Way out west in Utah.
Where the mountain air is pure and sweet,
Where fresh, cool water flows down the street
And the climate! Friend, it can’t be beat;
Delightful, magnificent Utah.
God made Utah and He made it grand,
The beauty spot of His glorious land,
Where plenty supplies with a generous hand
All of our needs and wants in Utah.
Mighty mountains, sylvian vales,
Picturesque canyons and rugged trails,
Joy’s your companion, health never fails,
Happiness dwells in Utah.

01. Introduction - Space Oddity (01:58)
02. Even Better Than The Real Thing (04:39)
03. I Will Follow (04:01)
04. Get On Your Boots (03:57)
05. Magnificent (05:06)
06. Mysterious Ways (04:42)
07. Elevation (04:27)
08. Until The End Of The World | Anthem* (05:39)
09. Interlude - Bono Speech (04:45)
10. All I Want Is You (06:22)
11. Happy Birthday (For Bob Dylan) (00:26)
12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (05:01)
13. Beautiful Day (Poem Intro Feat. The Three Sisters) (01:45)
14. Beautiful Day | Here Comes the Sun* (05:00)
15. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (03:37)
16. Miss Sarajevo (03:57)
17. Zooropa (04:33)
18. City Of Blinding Lights (05:22)
19. Vertigo | It's Only Rock'n Roll* (04:25)
20. Crazy Tonight (Redanka Remix) | Discothèque (06:28)
21. Sunday Bloody Sunday (04:56)
22. Scarlet (02:22)
23. Walk On | You'll Never Walk Alone* (07:17)
24. Interlude - Aung San Suu Kyi Speech (01:18)
25. One (05:04)
26. Blowin' In The Wind | The Times They Are A-Changin'* (01:17)
27. Where The Streets Have No Name | Interlude - Astroboy (09:12)
28. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (05:04)
29. With Or Without You (07:15)
30. Moment Of Surrender (07:59)

* Snippet

Download links: FILESERVE and HOTFILE in a txt file



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