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U2 - Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes (3 CDS)

U2 - Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes (3 CDS)
Source: 1991. Berlin, Germany. Hansa Ton Studios.
Sound Quality: Excellent studio.
Mp3 @ 192 kbps
Disc 1: (65:10)
01. Salome (Version 1)
02. Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Version 1)
03. Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Version 2)
04. Heaven and Hell
05. Doctor Doctor
06. Jitterbug Baby
07. Got to Get Together
08. Salome (Version 2)
09. Here Comes the Sunset / Chances Away
10. Chances Away
11. I Feel Free (Version 1)

Disc 2: (68:01)
01. I Feel Free (Version 2)
02. Sweet Baby Jane
03. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses¹ (Version 1)
04. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Version 2)
05. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Version 3)
06. Take Today (instrumental)
07. Even Better Than The Real Thing (instrumental)
08. Blow Your House Down² (Version 1)
09. Blow Your House Down² (Version 2)
10. Laughing in the Face of Love³ / So Cruel (Version 1)
11. Wake Up Dead Man / Blow Your House Down (Version 1)
12. Take Today (vocals)

¹ AKA as Morning Child/Don't Turn Around
² AKA as She's Gonna Turn Your Head Around
³ AKA as Back Mask U2

Disc 3: (73:49)
01. Calling Out to Someone
02. Laughing in the Face of Love / So Cruel
03. Acrobat
04. Salome (Version 3)
05. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses¹ (Version 1)
06. Take You Down
07. Going Down South
08. Salome (Version 4)
09. Salome (Version 5)
10. Salome (Version 6)
11. Salome (Version 7)
12. Salome (Version 8)

¹ AKA as Morning Child/Don't Turn Around

Salome: The [Axtung Beibi] Outtakes This was the release that had been deemed “too hot” to ever be pressed.
The complete three and half hours worth of material were now available as a triple compact disc set. Since these CD’s were mastered from the original DAT recordings, there’s no quality loss between the original working tapes and these CD’s. Thus the sound quality is far superior to the LP’s. The title (Salome) is believed to have been a working title used during the Achtung Baby sessions, but it’s not clear which song it was refering to. With these releases U2 found themselves in the dubious position of being: “the first major band to have studio sessions released before the finished product was either released, abandoned or the group broke up”.
U2’s manager Paul McGuiness reacted to the bootlegs by releasing a press statement accusing the bootleggers of cheating the fans by passing off inferior material. He also stated that the finished product had evolved by leaps and bounds from what was being illegally circulated.
Regardless of the superior polish of the finished material released as Achtung Baby, the material found on the bootlegs is fascinating in and of itself. The most compelling aspect of the bootleged material is that, rather than offering slightly alternative versions of tracks found on the finished record, they instead reveal
the songwriting process itself. Familiar solos, bass lines, bridges and riffs abound, and there is also a host of interesting songs that didn’t find their way onto Achtung Baby.


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