Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rush - 1994-04-26 - Landover, Maryland (FLAC)

Rush - 1994-04-26 - Landover, Maryland
US Air Arena
Bootleg: Darkness and Light (Prism Records)
Media: 1 CDr Audio
Source: Soundboard
Average Rating: Audio: 10

"This is probably THE BEST sounding Rush boot available right now. But wait! That is not all that makes up a great bootleg. There is more to a bootleg than sound quality. First off some of the tracks are grouped together as one track when they really shouldn't be. Another problem is that there is approximately 5 seconds of silence right in the middle of the drum solo. The creator of this bootleg told me that those two problems are there, because he did not want to fix them in interest of sound quality. The other problem with this show is Geddy's voice. It sounds like he is slightly hoarse and is straining to sing. Although I've spent the better part of this paragraph complaining about this bootleg, let me assure you that this is one of the greatest Rush bootlegs ever released. I believe that every Rush bootleg collector should add this one to his/her collection." (brent's boolegs on DRE)
"This is a excellent soundboard recording. Without a doubt the best sounding Rush boot available. If you are a fan of Alex this show will blow you away. The biggest disappointment is that it is not the complete show. It does at least contain the extended version of Bravado. Also Geddy's voice is pretty bad in spots. He must have been sick. But as far as sound quality, this is the standard to judge all others". (Bill Girton on DRE)

DISC 1 (72:46)

01. Stick It Out   6:11
02. Double Agent   4:52
03. Limelight   4:31
04. Bravado   6:22
05. Mystic Rhythms   5:35
06. Closer To The Heart   5:40
07. Show Don't Tell   5:16
08. Leave That Thing Alone   5:56
09. Drum Solo   6:52
10. The Trees   5:21
11. Xanadu   6:45
12. Hemispheres: Prelude   4:15
13. Tom Sawyer   5:01




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