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Rush - Natural Reflex, In Artificial Light (DVD)

Rush - Natural Reflex, In Artificial Light (DVD)
1994-02-08 - Fresno, California
Selland Arena

Media: 2 DVDr Video
Time: 59:43, 60:45
Source: Audience Video
Average Rating:
Audio: 8.5
Video: 9
Size: 7,90GB

Review from digital experience:
"This is DVD and Audio releases for 12th Counterparts tour show in Fresno, originally taped and released (sold) by Living After Midnight (US Bootlegger) in 1994. Unfortunately could not locate the VHS copy sold by LAM (or even the master tape), sourced first S-VHS copy from the sold VHS (so maybe 2nd gen. copy from edited master).
However, the picture and audio qualities are MUCH better than previously released versions ("Sounding Great in Fresno (Simple Man Productions)" DVD and "Nuts and Bolts (Voodoo Records)" CD - this one sourced higher gen. VHS or VHS to cassette copy) and this might well reserved the original release quality. Technically, there're a couple of glitches 'Dreamline' and 'Tom Sawyer' (only a few seconds) that seems present even on the master tape. Also, there're
some amount of tracking error noise (or something like that) could not avoid during digital transfer. But the overall quality is very good, particularly the sound quality is quite good for camcorder recording (this is the most big difference with the previously released titles).
This is one of my favorite audience recording CP Video and the quality is pretty good, not the same category of "Big Apple Box (Digital Reproductions)" that sourced master tape though, you could enjoy to watch or listen to this exciting concert. Jun'ya aka The_Sphere (2005-08-25)" Bookmark:"

Track List:
01. Intro/Thus Spoke Zarathustra :37
02. Dreamline 4:46
03. The Spirit of Radio 5:03
04. The Analog Kid 5:44
05. Cold Fire 4:34
06. Time Stand Still 5:52
07. Nobody's Hero 5:14
08. Roll the Bones 6:08
09. Animate 6:56
10. Stick It Out 5:14
11. Double Agent 5:00
12. Limelight 4:35

01. Mystic Rhythms 6:07
02. Closer to the Heart 4:55
03. Show Don't Tell 5:31
04. Leave That Thing Alone 5:56
05. The Rhythm Method 7:23
06. The Trees 4:59
07. Xanadu 6:49
08. Hemispheres: Prelude 4:08
09. Tom Sawyer 5:17
10. Force Ten 4:40
11. YYZ/Cygnus X-1 5:00

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