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Rush - 1994-01-18 - Pensacola, FL (FLAC) - Repost

Rush - 1994-01-18 - Pensacola, FL (FLAC) - RepostCivic Center
Bootleg: First Part of the Counters
Average Rating: Audio: 9

"Released at Feb. 25, 2005, under the new RUSH specialized label CYGNUS, from the bootlegger who runs Ayanami, Langley, Masterport, Sirene, Power Gate, Reel Master etc. This title is the first CYGNUS release. Recorded at Jan. 18, 1997, Civic Center, Pensacola, FL. Four days prior to the opening night at the same venue. Almost complete (missing latter half of YYZ) run through rehearsal like "Echoes on the Stages" released in 2002 and the sound quality of this recording is MUCH better than that. Just INCREDIBLE. Could listen to LOTS of funny talk, misplays and fake plays with excellent sound. Also could listen to the CP version of Distant Early Warning. Really interesting recording and MUST-HAVE for all RUSH collectors. "(DRE)

"I just finished listening to this & what else to say but WOW!! Phenominal recording of the guys in action with all the bugs being worked out before our ears. Funny thing about Alex. As with Echoes On The Stages, he has a hard time getting the string selection right at the start of CTTH. Even as many times as he's played that song, at least during rehersals, he starts off wrong. Back to the review. Get ahold of this one any way you can via the Rush Hub, trade or over at easytree."(tst4eko)(Audio - 9.5)

Disc 1
01 Thus Spoke Zarathustra (01:27)
02 Dreamline (05:29)
03 The Spirit of Radio (04:59)
04 The Analog Kid (05:30))
05 Cold Fire (04:19)
06 Time Stand Still (06:00)
07 Nobody's Hero (05:23)
08 Roll the Bones (06:07
09 Animate (06:47)
10 Stick It Out (05:07)
11 Double Agent (06:16)
12 Limelight (04:36)

Disc 2
01 Mystic Rhythms (05:46)
02 Closer to the Heart (04:41)
03 Show Don't Tell (05:31)
04 Leave That Thing Alone! (04:31)
05 The Rhythm Method (06:42)
06 The Trees (05:06)
07 Xanadu (06:43)
08 Hemispheres: Prelude (04:17)
09 Tom Sawyer (05:03)
10 Force Ten (04:38)
11 Distant Early Warning (03:11)
12 YYZ (02:01)



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