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Big Audio Dynamite - 2011-03-30 - Glasgow, Scotland (FLAC - SBD)

Big Audio Dynamite - 2011-03-30 - Glasgow, Scotland (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: O2 ABC


Taper: Clawhammer

"Glasgow and Mick Jones go back a long way. The seminal Clash gigs at The Apollo (supports included Suicide and The Specials!), the footage in Rude Boy (“Let’s get out of this fuckin’ city”), BAD at the QMU in 1985 and at The Tunnel the same year. There are at least two generations of Glaswegian blokes who still base their style on The Clash circa London Calling. Letts and Jones making eye contact to cue each others vocal parts. It Is only the second gig in 25 years I suppose. Straight into Beyond the Pale and it’s all clicking. This is a group who clearly love playing together. Jones points out the old-skool style backdrop with a laugh “We wanted it to look authentic” he tells us.C’mon Every Beatbox and Just Play Music have everyone singing along and V. Thirteen sparks an outbreak of pogo-a-gogo. Encores of E=MC2 and The Bottom Line continue the wild moshpit (honestly!) and a few men in their 40′s are gonna be suffering Thursday morning. There is clearly a great deal of fondness in Glasgow for Jones et al and they respond brilliantly. Nostalgia? Maybe. Whippet’s best gig of the year so far? Definitely." (extremelisteningmode)

Press Notes:
"As early as the first song in Big Audio Dynamite’s set, an item of clothing was lobbed backwards from the scrum near the front of the stage. Clearly, this wasn’t just Mick Jones’s reformed outfit going through the motions of reliving their more youthful days – this was a retro trip worth embarking upon. Opening with the theme to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, as sampled for Medicine Show, this was a swaggering, proficient performance, all the more impressive as it was only the group’s second gig since reuniting. They were tight musically, with the only complaint being that Jones’s vocal was a bit lost in the mix. Never the most graceful vocalist, the former Clash guitarist, dapperly dressed in a suit and shades, was initially submerged under the din of bass, beats, samples and guitar riffs." (Jonathan Geddes, The Herald Scotland)

Disc 1
01. intro (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) [1:31]
02. Medicine Show [7:35]
03. Beyond The Pale 5:15]
04. A Party [8:33]
05. V Thirteen [5:10]
06. BAD [6:21]
07. C'mon Every Beatbox [7:41]
08. Just Play Music [4:38]
09. Sightsee MC[5:32]
10. Battle of All Saints Road [6:20]
11. Rewind [5:05]
12. Encore [1:13]

Disc 2
01. Bottom Line [5:33]
02. E=MC [6:20]
03. chatter [2:01]
04. Rush [6:06]


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