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GENESIS - 1974-04-21 - Montreal, Canada (FLAC Broadcast)

GENESIS - 1974-04-21 - Montreal, Canada (FLAC Broadcast)
Venue: University Sports Centre - Montreal, Canada
Bootleg: A Classic Broadcast Revisited

2 CD | No log, no cue, tracks | FLAC level 6 | 540 MB | Time 1:47:04 | Covers
Symphonic progressive rock, bootleg | Label : PRRP Special Anniversary Edition | Release: 2007

The PRRP Special Anniversary Edition (Remaster)
"The PRRP Special Anniversary Edition is a very special release for us at PRRP.
Each year we prepare months in advance and try to pick the best recording available for this annual remaster project. After listening to this recording we hope that you agree that this remaster project is worthy of a PRRPSAE release."

Comment from :
"Best version of this fabulous show. The one you must have from this tour."

Excerpt from PRRP staff liner notes (full notes on info file in the links rar pack):
More advanced noise reduction techniques used so noise reduction is not so harsh. Speed correction. The show needed variable correction in the range of 0 - 3%. Eliminate audible radio host during quite sections. Adjust dynamics to maximize dramatic effect of music. Re-track show to separate stories from songs. Attenuate tonality excesses, where they occurred. Smooth crackle in The Musical Box.

CD 1 [1:05'50]
01. Watcher Of The Skies [8:54]
02. Story Of Britannia [1:45]
03. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight [8:51]
04. Story Of Romeo and Juliet [1:59]
05. The Cinema Show [11:18]
06. I Know What I Like [6:29]
07. Story Of Five Rivers [1:25]
08. Firth Of Fifth [10:01]
09. The Story Of Henry and Cynthia [1:52]
10. The Musical Box [11:03]
11. Horizons [2:13]

CD 2 [41:14]
01. The Battle Of Epping Forest [12:47]
02. The Story Old Michael [3:02]
03. Supper's Ready [24:37]
04. CHOM-FM Radio Intro/Station Identification/Sign Off [0:48]

Genesis Line up:
Peter Gabriel: Lead Vocals / Flute and Percussion
Tony Banks: Keyboards / 12 String and Backing Vocals
Mike Rutherford: Bass Guitars, Bass Pedals, Guitars and Backing Vocals
Steve Hackett: Lead Guitars and Effects
Phil Collins: Drums / Percussion and Backing Vocals

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