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Yes - 1991-07-24 - Burgettstown, PA (FLAC - SBD)

Yes - 1991-07-24 - Burgettstown, PA (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: Star Lake Ampitheatre
Burgettstown, PA (outside Pittsburgh)

Lineage: 2nd generation tape > WAV > SoundForge 10 Pro > CD > FLAC > you

Seeeded/Shared by: Relayerman (THANK YOU!!)

Relayerman Notes:
"Got a soundboard of Yes's Burgettstown, PA show (WAV file, not the tapes) which is excellent quality, but incomplete. I've tweaked the sound to bring out the bass as much as possible as it was very thin and we Yes fans all know how Squire's bass pedals can shake the rafters. Alas, its not happening here, but its a big improvement. The sound is so right-in-your-face, but gets adjusted somewhat as the show goes on. There are a few bad tape spots, but not enough to detract. You'll probably notice that the left channel sounds louder. Decibal level-wise, its not, but the instrument mix makes it sound clearer on the left than on the right. Its weird. I played around with the EQ to see what I could
do to compensate, but finally decided not to alter that at all. Enjoy! Relayerman"

Track List:
Disc 1
01. Firebird Suite
02. Yours Is No Disgrace
03. Rhythm Of Love
04. Shock To The System
05. Heart Of The Sunrise

Disc 2
01. Clap
02. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
03. And You & I
04. Bruford / White Drum Duet
05. Changes
06. I've Seen All Good People (just Your Move)

Yes Line Up:
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Rick Wakeman
Trevor Rabin
Tony Kaye
Bill Bruford


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