Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Led Zeppelin - Tympani For The Butter Queen - 1973-05-19 - (SBD - FLAC)

Led Zeppelin - Tympani For The Butter Queen - 1973-05-19 - (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: Tarrant County Convention Center, Forth Worth, TX, USA
May 19, 1973

Midas Touch 62021/2

Lineage: Silver CDs > FLAC > tracker > HD > Audacity lossless test > Dime

Notes: says:
"5-19-73 - Fort Worth Express (Empress Valley, original and reissue), I'm With the Band (Tarantura2000), Tympani For the Butter Queen (Midas Touch), & Worthwhile Experience/From Boleskine To the Alamo (Flying Disc). Flying disc is missing almost all of the tape before and after the first and last tracks. Dazed and Confused has been moved out of sequence and 80 seconds of tape after the song is missing. It has too much background noise. Midas, Tarantura2000, and Empress Valley are virtually identical in content. Tarantura2000 has been amplified a little bit. Empress's title emphasizes the lower frequencies but has a touch too much background noise. EV's reissue reuses the same discs as the original release."

CD 1 [1:02:08]
01. Rock And Roll [4:42]
02. Celebration Day [3:52]
03. Black Dog [6:38]
04. Over The Hills And Far Away [7:09]
05. Misty Mountain Hop [4:47]
06. Since I've Been Loving You [8:48]
07. No Quarter [11:50]
08. The Song Remains The Same [5:35]
09. The Rain Song [8:47]

CD 2 [44:24]
01. Dazed And Confused [32:31]
02. Stairway To Heaven [11:53]

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