Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2011-08-30 - Cologne, Germany (SBD - FLAC)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2011-08-30 - Cologne, Germany (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: E-Werk


Show Notes:
"They were supposed to play the whole new album and a few classics, but ended up skipping 'Even You Brutus'. 'Did I Let You Know' was played twice as on the first take Anthony's mic was not properly working. 'Brendan's Death Song', 'Annie Wants A Baby', 'Happiness Loves Company', 'Police Station' and 'Dance, Dance, Dance' were played live for the first time. Some jams where played also. Frankenstein is a cover jam by Edgar Winter. This concert was broadcast live in cinemas all over the world."

German radio station 1Live transmitted 15 songs of the show, leaving out the jams, most of the band's verbal interaction with the crowd as well as the first take of 'Did I Let You Know'.

Duration: 1:10:29

01. Monarchy Of Roses [5:58]
02. Factory Of Faith  [4:37]
03. Brendan's Death Song [5:43]
04. Ethiopia [4:36]
05. Annie Wants A Baby [4:01]
06. Look Around [3:59]
07. The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie [5:07]
08. Did I Let You Know [4:22]
09. Goodbye Hooray [3:52]
10. Happiness Loves Company [3:44]
11. Police Station [6:09]
12. Meet Me At The Corner [4:40]
13. Dance, Dance, Dance [4:55]
14. Me And My Friends [3:09]
15. Give It Away [5:37]

Anthony Kiedis
Josh Klinghoffer
Michael "Flea" Balzary
Chad Smith

Do you think the RCHP logo seems a target or a wheel? it doesn't matters... perhaps it's the fortune wheel


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