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Rush - 2002-10-13 - One Big Victory (SBD - FLAC)

Rush - 2002-10-13 - One Big Victory (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Bootleg: One Big Victory
Media: 3 CDR
Time: 162:51
Source: Scanner (Monitor Mix)

Excellent Soundboard Recording

This is the same "One Big Victory" bootleg, the only change is the new artwork we did.

DRE Comments:
"Here is a monitor mix (mono) from the Vapor Trails tour. Monitor mixes are sent wirelessly to each band member, who listen through an earpiece. It's not clear to me if the source is directly from the soundboard or if it was intercepted by a scanner, but my best guess is the latter. While the sound is mono (indicative of scanners), the sound is consistently clear and fuller than I'd expect from a scanner source. Regardless, this is an absolutely superb recording of Rush on their Vapor Trails tour. The original source has been remastered and the new sound is very clear with nice depth and punch. While the low end isn't nearly as bottomless as "Rio" you can hear every detail here (including Geddy's impromtu cough in the first verse of "Limelight"). One of the nice things about this show is the band were playing their "B" setlist, which included "Between Sun And Moon", "Vital Signs", "Ceiling Unlimited" and the Monty Python break at end of "Big Money" (instead of The Simpsons). If you're looking for a great sounding show from this tour, definitely check this out! (Ant - Audio - 9.5)

Disc 1:
01. The Three Stooges Intro 1:01
02. Tom Sawyer 4:58
03. Distant Early Warning 5:01
04. New World Man 4:10
05. Roll The Bones 6:45
06. Earthshine 5:40
07. YYZ 5:05
08. The Pass 4:58
09. Bravado 6:19
10. The Big Money 6:33
11. Between Sun And Moon 4:46
12. Vital Signs 4:54
13. Natural Science 8:43

Disc 2:
01. Intro 4:40
02. One Little Victory 5:32
03. Driven 5:46
04. Ceiling Unlimited 5:35
05. Secret Touch 7:05
06. Dreamline 5:18
07. Red Sector A 5:19
08. Leave That Thing Alone 5:02
09. The Rhythm Method 8:39

Disc 3:
01. Resist 4:55
02. 2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx 6:59
03. Limelight 4:28
04. La Villa Strangiato 10:08
05. The Spirit Of Radio 6:57
06. By-Tor and the Snow Dog 4:46
07. Cygnus X-1 3:15
08. Working Man 5:34

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