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Santana - 1974-07-22- Edmonton, Canada (FLAC - SBD)

Santana - 1974-07-22- Edmonton, Canada (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: Kinsman Field House


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Seeder notes:
"There are 2 cuts: At the start and alas quite a big part of Samba Pa Ti is missing. Moreover it's incomplete at the end: Savor is only 01.33 and after that Toussaint was mostly played. But even though it's not entirely complete a definite MUST for all Santana fans. Nowadays Santana has 2 horn players in the band to make the sound more modern and danceable, I suppose. Back in 74 the input of Jules Broussard was spectacular. His playing of the flute and saxophone made Santana often sound like a fusion band. Listen to the sax in Xibaba(03.48), Give and Take(04.44), Mirage(03.03) and the flute in Incident (07.40) and even Just in time to see the sun gets a flute intro! Higlights for me are Mirage from Borboletta, Xibaba(only on Lotus) and Bambele(Lotus)."

Track List:
CD 1 (44:09):
01. Going Home/A-1 Funk/Every Step Of The Way
02. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
03. Oye Como Va
04. Mirage
05. Just In Time To See The Sun
06. Bambele

CD-2  (40:47):
07. Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
08. Give And Take
09. Incident At Neshabur
10.Soul Sacrifice
11.Samba Pa Ti

Line Up:
Carlos Santana
Jose “Chepito” Areas
Jules Broussard
David Brown
“Ndugu” Leon Chancler
Tom Coster
Leon Patillo
Armando Peraza


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