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U2 - 1987-11-07 - Denver, CO (SBD - SHN)

U2 - 1987-11-07 - Denver, CO (SBD - SHN)
Venue: McNichols Arena
Denver, CO

Bootleg: "Mountains and Deserts Platinum Ed"
Remastered by currygoat11 - 1/11/04

Source: SBD (allegedly from Rattle & Hum video outtakes from)

"11/7/87 is arguably the best SBD Joshua show. There are several different productions of this recording (Enjoy, Mountains in a Blue Sky, Mountains and Deserts Remastered, Caught On 35mm, etc).  Well, this version (Platinum Ed) is the cream of the crop in my opinion. This version was remastered directly from a copy of Mountains and Deserts.

Remaster Notes by Currygoat11:
"Most improvements include: removal of oodles of clicks and pops, smooth transition between tracks where possible, patching in a couple of missing seconds in October, making Star Spangled Banner
its own track, better equalization of "40". There's a peak of treble at ~15,800Hz. This is normally not a problem whatsoever unless you crank your treble up (which you shouldn't do!). I ended up not
removing this band of treble. Most people have different opinions on which version of 11/7/87 is the "best"; "Mountains and Deserts Remastered" is very good; well this is my interpretation of the best;
if you don't find it to your liking, you can always just delete it now can't you? Truly, a grade A+ full-show SBD recording from the Joshua Tree tour - can't go wrong with this."

Disc 1 (49:56)
01. Where the Streets Have No Name 6:59
02. I Will Follow 4:29
03. Trip Through Your Wires 3:31
04. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 6:12
05. Gloria 4:43
06. MLK 1:33
07. The Unforgettable Fire 5:12
08. Sunday Bloody Sunday 4:52
09. Exit 4:19
10. In God's Country 3:21
11. Helter Skelter 3:23
12. Help! 1:22

Disc 2
01. Bad 7:50
02. October 2:00
03. New Year's Day  4:59
04. Pride (In the Name of Love) 4:17
05. Star Spangled Banner 0:37
06. Bullet the Blue Sky 5:20
07. Running to Stand Still  5:03
08. Silver and Gold  5:40
09. Spanish Eyes 3:41
10. With or Without You 5:51
11. "40" 4:38

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