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Rolling Stones - Get Yer Alternate Ya-Ya's Out 1969 (WAV)

Rolling Stones - Get Yer Alternate Ya-Ya's Out 1969 (WAV)

Recording info:
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, November 27th and 28th 1969
Civic Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, November 26th 1969
(Idol Mind Productions N-020)

Lineage: Original IMP CDR -> WAV (EAC) -> FLAC (flacfrontend) -> You

Idol Mind Productions Product
IMP N-020

Excellent stereo w/crackles

This is a CDR release from Idol Mind Productions....not a CD. Well well....I didn't know so when ordering it - I hate paying for burned CDRs; they won't last for many years anyway.
Anyway, this IMP release features a rip of a vinyl-acetate of "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out"....which means that the mix is different; and that there are some guitar-overdubs here which Rolling Stones removed for the official product. It's a real interesting listen!

Most important comments:
It's taken from a different acetate than the previous bootleg releases of this material...both vinyls and CDs - and it all sounds better here! Much better than the VGP release "@#$%& Your Ya Yas Out". It's still far from perfect though - but a nice upgrade anyway
The crackles and pops that is evident on this IMP, shows that there's not any "no-noise"-nonsense that has removed the all sounds natural and nice .

01. Opening
02. Jumpin' Jack Flash¹
03. Carol²
04. Stray Cat Blues² (...some claims that is from Baltimore, Nov. 26th 1969.....can't recall what is correct right now)
05. Love In Vain*
06. Midnight Rambler³
07. Sympathy For The Devil²
08. Live With Me³
09. Little Queenie²
10. Honky Tonk Women¹
11. Street Fighting Man²
Bonus Material on the Disc:
12. Stray Cat Blues²
13. Love In Vain*
14. Sympathy For The Devil² [channels reversed]

¹ New York City, Nov. 27th 1969
² New York City, Nov. 28th 1969 - 1st show
³ New York City, Nov. 28th 1969 - 2nd show
* Baltimore, Nov. 26th 1969

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