Sunday, November 8, 2009

Live - Werchter Belgium 07-01-2000


01 Selling The Drama
02 Intro
03 The Distance
04 Run To The Water
05 Shit Towne
06 Intro 2
07 They Stood Up For Love (Acoustic)
08 Lightning Crashes
09 Interview

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The Doors - Live at Isle of Wight (1970)


Known as 'Palace Of Exile' this bootleg is in a class of it's own.

The Doors played not long after midnight, whoever took the time to record this to such a high standard, and those who have ensured that the quality of the recording has remained until today deserve some thanks to say the least.

Considering this boot was recorded thirty seven years ago, it remains a fine quality recording, and really does justice to the highlight of that years Isle of Wight festival.

1. Back Door Man (4:38)
2. Break on Through (4:50)
3. When the Music is Over (11:27)
4. Ship of Fools (7:22)
5. Roadhouse Blues (5:31)
6. Light My Fire (13:45)
7. The End (14:11)

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