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The Black Crowes - 2011-07-13 - London, UK (feat. Jimmy Page - FLAC)

The Black Crowes - Shepherd's Bush Empire, July 13, 2011 (feat. Jimmy Page - FLAC)
Venue: Shepherd's Bush Empire
London UK

A Mad Piper & Africolaman [also mad] & Raimax Production

church audio ca-11 cards > mic-in edirol r09hr [16 bit/ 44.1 kHz] > .wav > usb2
> audacity [amp +2db - fades] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac

mic position 60' from stage [3rd balcony, row 1, seat slightly to the left], [mics fixed to railing with chinese chopsticks], xy, kfc, vfb

Tapers: Rainer Neuburger [raimax] & Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]

Disc 1 [01:03:38]
Set 1 [Acoustic Set]
01 Audience
02 Cold Boy Smile
03 Soul Singing
04 Sister Luck
05 Thorn in my Pride
06 No Expectations
07 Downtown Money Waster
08 Garden Gate
08 Drivin Wheel
10 Jealous again > Outro 1st Set

Disc 2 [01:14:25]
Set 2 [Electric Set]
01 Audience
02 Feeling alright
03 Good Morning Captain
04 (Only) Halfway to everywhere
05 Descending >
06 Wiser Time
07 Poor Elijah - Tribute to Johnson
08 Appaloosa
09 High Head Blues
10 Seeing Things

Disc 3 [00:14:37]
Set 2 [cont.]
01 Remedy > Farewell > Audience Encore Call > Banter
02 Shake your Money Maker* > Final Farewell > Audience > Credits

* w/ Jimmy Page

Chris Robinson [guitar, vocals]
Rich Robinson [guitar, vocals]
Steve Gorman [drums]
Adam MacDougall [keyboards, vocals]
Sven Pipien [bass]
Luther Dickinson [guitar, vocals]

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U2 - 2011-05-21 - Denver, CO (FLAC - IEM-MATRIX)

U2 - 2011-05-21 - Denver, CO (FLAC - IEM-MATRIX)
Venue: Invesco Field at Mile High

Location: Behind the stage.
Gear: Receivers > Cables > Recorder
Recorded at 24bit/44.1khz. Matrix of a mixmash of feeds (no audience source)
Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Hoserama/Sharebear
Mixed in Neundo 4, using extra waves, ozone, harbal plug-ins
Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper
Mix Version 11

Taper Notes:
"Thanks to DS, JW, TD, ET, EN, and several other folks. It's been a good run catching up with old friends and making new ones. Special thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with my insane work/show schedule."
"Here's my obligatory release from this leg of the tour. Time to recap, mix, and relax after the tour.
First show of the US leg. Good solid show, although the leg would kick into a higher gear later on. Seat hopped to a nice spot, which did my good for most of the show. Weather was good thankfully.
A bit more drums than I usually like, but that's what was coming through the cans. Did the best I could with mixing but can only do so much. Not my best sounding mix, but pretty solid overall in my book. Did some tricks to minimize the click, which helped. There's no helping the counts though, just get used to them after a while.
U2 IEMs are not for everyone. If you can't stand the clicks/counts...then rock out to the audience sources. There's two very nifty sources out there.I left the stereo imaging the way it is to reflect my view from behind the stage. Usually I flip it, but left it this time.
Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely.
If you're going to destroy the sound of some ultra-spiffy high-end rigs by encoding and spreading them via poorly encoded mp3's, please keep them on your own computer and not dilute the tradepool. This means you!
Please do not attempt to remaster/remix this recording and spread it around. There is little to no point of trying to compete with the original processing. It just creates problems with conflicting effects and processing errors. If you need to re-eq it for your own listening pleasure, that's fine, just don't spread it around. For the love of god, don't take mix this with an audience source and release it. There's enough ambiance in it. I initially aligned in an audience source, but kept lowering it, until I finally just scrapped it.
Also, please don't torrent on other sites without at least dropping me a line and asking. I may want to just torrent it there myself." Enjoy folks!

01. Space Oddity
02. Even Better than the Real Thing
03. I Will Follow
04. Get On Your Boots
05. Magnificent
06. Mysterious Ways
07. Elevation
08. Until the End of the World
09. Band Intros
10. All I Want is You
11. Stay (Far Away, So Close)
12. Beautiful Day
13. Pride (In the Name of Love)
14. Miss Sarajevo
15. Zooropa
16. City of Blinding Lights
17. Vertigo
18. I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
19. Sunday Bloody Sunday
20. Scarlet
21. Walk On
22. One Intro Video
23. One
24. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
25. Where the Streets Have No Name
26. Encore Break
27. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
29. With or Without You
30. Bono Talk
31. Moment of Surrender


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