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Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-19 - Snow Jobs (SBD - FLAC)

Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-19 - Snow Jobs (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,
Canadian Crunge

Lineage: CD-R > Easy CD-DA Extractor Pro > Flac 7

CD 1
01. Rock And Roll
02. Sick Again
03. Over The Hills And Far Away
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. The Song Remains The Same
06. The Rain Song
07. Kashmir

CD 2:
01. No Quarter
02. Trampled Underfoot medley incl. Gallows Pole
03. Moby Dick

CD 3:
01.Dazed And Confused medley incl. Woodstock
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love medley incl. The Crunge
04. Out On The Tiles Intro/Black Dog
Robert Plant Interview for US Army Reserve Radio Station

Comments: Italian bootleg. Deluxe triple gatefold card sleeve with CD-Rs housed in a card sleeves. Picture discs.

Jethro Tull - 1970-05-03 - Northridge, CA

Jethro Tull - 1970-05-03 - Northridge, CA
Venue: San Fernando College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USA
MP3@320 kbps
Outstanding Audience Recording

Recorded two weeks after the release of Benefit in the US and two days after it's release in the UK. John Evans had joined the band on tour only one month previously and his contribution is clear on this boot. Also an early My God!10 months before Aqualung was released.

Disc 1
01. Nothing is Easy
02. Intro to my God
03. My God
04. To cry you a song
05. With you there to help me

Disc 2
07. Sossity, You're a woman / Reasons for Waiting
08. Dharma for one
09. We used to know / A thousand Mothers

Jethro Tull Line Up:
Ian Anderson
Martin Barre
Glen Cornick
Clive Bunker
John Evans


Yes - 2001-08-22 - Lewiston, NY (SBD - FLAC)

Yes - 2001-08-22 - Lewiston, NY (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: Artpark Repertory Theatre
Source: soundboard
Mastered August 2003 by TheTooleMan
Remastered February 2005 by TheTooleMan

TheTooleMan Notes on Remaster:
"This is the only unreleased soundboard recording of the Symphonic tour that I have found. The raw recording favors the orchestra, and the guitar and keyboard parts are hard to hear. 
The master improves the mix with EQ and dynamics processing. The original master of this show was done using Sound Forge. The tape I received had tracks Perpetual Change and And You And I in the wrong sequence, and my first master carried this error forward. My copy of the recording did not include the two Steve Howe solo tracks. The ones I downloaded recently from EZT sound like an audience recording. Forgotten Yesterdays documents a soundboard and an audience recording, but I suspect the Steve Howe tracks are missing from all versions of the soundboard. 
Nonetheless, I inserted the audience tracks in the 2005 remaster. The SHN file of disk two, track five (Starship Trooper) was apparently corrupted in the copy of the files torrented on EZT. This version resolves all of these problems". TheTooleMan. (February, 2005)

We would like to thank TheTooleMan by all his efforts, making thousands of people get access to amazing quality live recordings and, this deserves a remark: absolutely for free! 
Guys like TheTooleMan won't never care if you will thank him, probably not, they will keep working hard to keep this flame burning.

CD 1: [1:19:59]
01. Give Love Each Day [2:08]
02. Close To The Edge [20:36]
03. Listen To Your Heart [1:15]
04. Long Distance Runaround [4:49]
05. Don't Go [5:18]
06. In The Presence Of [11:39]
07. Gates Of Delirium [22:46]
08. Corkscrew [3:38]
09. Mood For A Day [3:58]
10. Wonderous Stories [3:43]

CD 2: [1:17:21]
11. Perpetual Change [10:44]
12. And You And I [12:02]
13. Ritual [31:00]
14. I've Seen All Good People [7:03]
15. Starship Trooper [12:13]
16. Roundabout [4:19]

Yes Line up:
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Steve Howe: Guitars
Chris Squire: Bass
Alan White; Drums
Tom Brislin: Keyboards)


Yes - 2004-09-10 - Red Rocks of Colorado (FLAC)

Yes - 2004-09-10 - Red Rocks of Colorado (FLAC)
Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado - USA
Excellent Audience Recording

CQ - Steve breaks a guitar string during 'America' - Storm and thunder during 'AYAI'

Disc 1 (1:04:05)
01. Firebird Suite (1.25)
02. Going For The One (6.00)
03. Sweet Dreams (6.34)
04. I've Seen All Good People (7.49)
05. America (10.36)
06. South Side Of The Sky (10.45)
07. Close To The Edge (20.56)

Disc 2 (1:18:09)
01. The Clap (5.30)
02. Long Distance Runaround (4.52)
03. Wonderous Stories (6.16)
04. Roundabout (5.32)
05. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6.43)
06. And You And I (12.19)
07. Awaken (21.30)
08. Starship Trooper (15.27)

Yes Line Up
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass
Steve Howe: Guitar
Alan White: Drums
Rick Wakeman: Keysboards


The Rolling Stones Houston 1981 (2xDVD Pro-Shot)

The Rolling Stones Houston 1981 (2xDVD Pro-Shot)
Venue: Astro Dome, Houston, Texas - 1981-10-28
Comment: Much better picture quality as When The Whip Comes Down In Houston.

Video Format: NTSC / 4:3
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Width: 720 pixels
Height: 480 pixels

Audio Format : Dolby Digital (AC3)
Bit rate: 256 Kbps
Channels (s): 2 Channels
Sampling rate: 48.0 Khz

Disc1: 2.56 GB - Disc2: 1.70 GB
Media: Proshot
Menu/Chapters: Yes/Yes

01. Under My Thumb
02. When The Whip Comes Down
03. Lets Spend The Night Together
04. Shattered
05. Neighbours
06. Black Limousine
07. Just My Imagination
08. Twenty Flight Rock
09. Let me Go
10. Time Is On My Side
11. Beast Of Burden
12. Waiting On A Friend
13. Let It Bleed
14. You Can t Always Get What You Want
15. Little T & A

01. Tumbling Dice
02. She s So Cold
03. All Down The Line
04. Hang Fire
05. Miss You
06. Start Me Up
07. Honky Tonk Women
08. Jumping Jack Flash
09. Satisfaction

Peter Gabriel - Live Rockpalast 1978 - (DVD5)

Peter Gabriel - Live Rockpalast 1978 - (DVD5)
Rockpalast Festival
Venue: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Date: 1978-09-16

DVD5 | 4,36 Gb | PAL | 01:13:06 min | Video: MPEG-2, 4:3 , 720x576 at 8000 kbps | Audio: DVD LPCM Audio at 1536 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz Genre: Pop Rock , Progressive Rock | Language: English

"The setlist is based on PG´s first and second albums, plus the closing with The Lamb. The musicians that contributed on both albums are here, Larry “Synergy” Fast on keyboards providing the atmospherics (listen to the intro), Levin the master of the bass and stick in conjunction with Marotta giving a strong rhythmic base, John Ellis on guitar is the least known member, this gig and another one with Peter Hamill have been his more important milestones. And of course, there´s Robert Fripp. What else can be said about the master? I was very curious when I learned that Fripp was playing in the 1st Gabriel album (eventually on the 2nd and 3rd as well). Anyway, this collaboration worked both ways (Levin began working with KC shortly after these gigs and made his first appearance in the 1981 Discipline album).
This concert is pure Gabriel energy, starting with a strong “On the Air”, following with the Genesis-like “Moribund the Burgermeister” (would have fit in the Lamb, I think), then on to a great “Perspective” where Levin and Marotta kick asses. The credits don´t mention the sax player who makes a great solo. Then, a Gabriel standard up to these days “Here comes the flood”. This ballad sounds a bit different here thanks to the mysterious sax player again. Following is my favourite from this concert, “White Shadow” with a synth intro by Fast that blends with the rhythm section. This is a great song that seldom appears in Gabriel live cds. A bit of Frippertronics at the end. “Waiting for the big one”, the longest track, features Gabriel on piano and vocals swimming on non familiar waters (blues by the way), there is an interesting duel between the guitar and the sax (Timmy Capello from what I hear Gabriel introducing the musicians). “Humdrum” represents a period where PG hadn’t completely separated from the prog influence of his Genesis days. Then a track that represents the complete opposite “I don’t remember” makes you want to get up and dance. Another survivor in today’s PG concerts is “Solsbury Hill”, nothing special to comment. “Modern love” is full of pure Gabriel force that we miss so much nowadays". (suhas89)

01. Intro
02. On The Air
03. Moribund The Burgermeister
04. Perspective
05. Here Comes The Flood
06. White Shadow
07. Waiting For The Big One
08. Humdrum
09. I Don't Remember
10. Solsbury Hill
11. Modern Love
12. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
*Bonus clip - Interview with Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - Keyboards/Vocals/Drums
Tony Levin - Bass/Backing Vocals/Piano
Jerry Marotta - Drums/Backing Vocals/Bass
Larry Fast - Synthesisers
Timmy Capello - Piano/Sax
Sid McGinnis - Guitar/Backing Vocals


Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1995-05-01 - Milwaukee, WI (SBD)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1995-05-01 - Milwaukee, WI (SBD)
Venue: Bradley Arena
Soundboard - MP3 @320 kpbs


Disc 1 [1:10:02]
01. Wanton Song [03:41]
02. Bring It On Home [01:29]
03. Ramble On [04:53]
04. Thank You [07:12]
05. Shake My Tree [08:17]
06. Lullaby [07:10]
07. No Quarter [04:28]
08. Gallow's Pole [04:47]
09. Hurdy Gurdy Solo [03:36]
10. When The Leeve Breaks [03:39]
11. Hey Hey What Can I Do [04:52]
12. The Song Remains The Same [06:49]
13. Since I've Been Loving You [09:20]

Disc 2 [56:06]
01. Friends [04:29]
02. Calling You [12:04]
03. Four Sticks [05:21]
04. In The Evening [10:53]
05. Black Dog [05:56]
06. Kashmir [17:23]