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U2 - 1981-08-24 - Odel, England

U2 - 1981-08-24 - Odel, England
Greenbelt Arts And Music Festival

Short Performance - The performance was a limited set, consisting of around 10 or less
songs. For example, almost all of the performances for the ATYCLB Promo Tour were short performances.

01. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (05:10)
02. I Will Follow (03:46)
03. An Cat Dubh  (03:05)
04. Into The Heart (02:49)
05. With A Shout  (04:44)
06. Fire (03:41)

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U2 - 2006-02-20 - São Paulo, Brazil (DVD)

U2 - 2006-02-20 - São Paulo, Brazil (DVD)
Estádio do Morumbi

TV Broadcast
Camera : Pro-Shot
Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Format: NTSC
Quality: Very Good - Excellent
Video Format: MPEG-2
Bit rate mode: Variable
720x480 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Standard: NTSC
Compression mode: Lossy
Audio Format: AC3
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
Taper: Captured by Lucianonh
Lineage: Cable Tv > Dvd Recorder (lp Mode)

01. City Of Blinding Lights
02. Vertigo
03. Elevation
04. Until The End Of The World
05. New Year's Day
06. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
07. Beautiful Day
08. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
09. Sometimes You Can't Make On Your Own
10. Love And Peace Or Else
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
12. Bullet The Blue Sky
13. Miss Sarajevo
14. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
15. Where The Streets Have No Name
16. One
17. Zoo Station
18. The Fly
19. Mysterious Ways
20. With Or Without You
21. All Because Of You
22. Original Of The Species
23. 40

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U2 - 2010-08-16 - Horsens, Denmark

U2 - 2010-08-16 - Horsens, Denmark
CASA Arena

Taper: Macphisto
Quality: Good audience
Lineage: OKM IIR (new 2010 model) with A3 > Archos Gmini 400 line-in WAV recording @ 44.1kHz > Sound Studio
(EQ, fades, normalizing) > Fission (tracking) > xACT FLAC level 6

Taper's Notes:
"Lots of close clapping and talking on this one. Bridge over me sometimes which has impact on the sound. At the beginning I'm moving from where the band comes in to FOS"."
Length: 123:54 min

01.  Intro - Space Oddity  (02:10)
02.  Intro - The Return Of The Stingray Guitar  (02:26)
03.  Beautiful Day  (04:58)
04.  New Year's Day  (04:51)
05.  Get On Your Boots  (04:03)
06.  Magnificent  (05:31)
07.  Mysterious Ways  (05:16)
08.  Elevation  (04:08)
09.  Bono Speech  (02:18)
10.  I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  (05:10)
11.  Glastonbury  (04:07)
12.  In A Little While  (03:25)
13.  Miss Sarajevo  (04:19)
14.  City Of Blinding Lights  (05:23)
15.  Vertigo  (04:21)

16.  I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight | Discothèque*  (06:59)
17.  Sunday Bloody Sunday  (04:33)
18.  MLK  (01:22)
19.  Walk On  (06:43)
20.  Desmond Tutu Speech  (01:52)
21.  One  (05:25)
22.  Amazing Grace  (01:02)
23.  Where The Streets Have No Name  (06:23)
24.  Interlude - Astroboy  (02:37)
25.  Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me  (04:41)
26.  Ultra Violet (Light My Way)  (04:50)
27.  With Or Without You  (07:18)
28.  Moment of Surrender  (07:44)

* Snippet

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U2 - 2009-08-22 - Cardiff, Wales

U2 - 2009-08-22 - Cardiff, Wales
Millennium Stadium,
Quality: 8+
Very Good Audience Recording

Equipment & Process: Mic – Sony ECM-719 > MD – Aiwa FM-80 > Wavelab Lite> Tracked
Taper: Iron Paddy
Taper Notes:
"Only downside to this is 1-The people with me didn't understand how taping works so please
excuse the "I need a pee" and "The bar is shut" comments!!  Also as I was at the end of
the row there are a lot of people passing me so sound drops at times (but not often).
I am happy with the results of this.  Cracking gig and a great atmosphere.
Due to the equipment I use I needed to change the MD tape and this was done just as "I'll
go Crazy...." starts so I am missing the first part of this track
Recorded from Block U18 Row 22.  This is behind the sound desk about half way up the
2nd teir".

Track Listing

01. Intro - Kingdom (02:04)
02. Breathe (05:27)
03. No Line On The Horizon (04:20)
04. Get On Your Boots (04:03)
05. Magnificent (05:32)
06. Beautiful Day (06:18)
07. Mysterious Ways (04:31)
08. Speech - In A Band With The Edge's (02:12)
09. I Still Havent Found What I'm Looking For (04:21)
10. Stand By Me (01:38)
11. Stay (Faraway, So Close) (05:02)
12. Unknown Caller (06:00)
13. The Unforgettable Fire (04:36)
14. City Of Blinding Lights (05:27)
15. Vertigo (04:07)

16. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Redanka Remix) (06:02)
17. Sunday Bloody Sunday (04:44)
18. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (03:52)
19. MLK (01:46)
20. Walk On (06:05)
21. Where The Streets Have No Name (05:37)
22. Encore Break (01:30)
23. Speech - Desmond Tutu (01:51)
24. One (04:57)
25. Bad (05:55)
26. Encore Break (01:17)
27. Interlude - Funerary Blues (01:08)
28. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (05:13)
29. With Or Without You (05:37)
30. Moment Of Surrender (08:17)



Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience - Seattle 2010 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA
November 27, 2010.
Very good stereo soundboard.

The Led Zeppelin legacy continues…
The CD features the november 27, 2010 Seattle show.
While Jason Bonham needs no introduction to the Led Zep oeuvre, he does spend the start of the show and in-between-songs banter to talk about his late father, John (also affectionately known as “Bonzo”).
This is what Jeffrey Clark Grossman of commented on the November 8 New York show:
It was literally a drum solo with four sticks: Jason Bonham thundering through “Moby Dick,” from Led Zeppelin II, with his late father, John “Bonzo” Bonham, during the first set of Jason Bonham: The Led-Zeppelin Experience at New York’s Best Buy Theater on November 8. The elder Bonham appeared via audio and film clips of the drummer playing the song live with Led Zeppelin, while his son doubled and elaborated on the snare gunshots and kick-drum-and-tom bombs in synchronized real time…
“This is my story, what my dad and Led Zeppelin meant to me,” Jason said in a prerecorded overture, accompanied by family photos and films of the childhood and teenage Bonzo… But the night - which went the distance from “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and “The Lemon Song” to “The Ocean” and “Kashmir” - is mostly about his dad’s titanic presence in that music and the giant absence created by his death. “Thank You” came with more home movies, while Jason, a keen student of Zeppelin concert bootlegs, revived and built on his father’s live improvisations on “How Many More Times” and the extended closing turbulence of “Dazed and Confused.”
“I got to play with my heroes,” Jason remarked about the ’07 concert, except “one of them wasn’t there.” In this show, he gets to have Bonzo in the house every night - a reunion, at last, of father and son.

Disc 1
01. Intro (03:55)
02. Rock And Roll (03:57)
03. Celebration Day (03:30)
04. Black Dog (08:35)
05. Your Time Is Gonna Come (03:28)
06. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (08:46)
07. Dazed And Confused (10:28)
08. What Is And What Should Never Be (04:57)
09. The Lemon Song (07:35)
10. Thank You (07:14)
11. Moby Dick (07:38)

Disc 2
01. MC (01:52)
02. Good Times Bad Times (03:17)
03. How Many More Times (09:04)
04. Since I've Been Loving You (08:14)
05. When The Levee Breaks (10:38)
06. The Ocean (04:20)
07. Over The Hills And Far Away (06:08)
08. I'm Gonna Crawl (07:53)
09. Stairway To Heaven (09:55)
10. Kashmir (11:05)
11. Whole Lotta Love (07:32)

Jason Bonham - drums
James (Virtual Zeppelin) Dylan - vocals
Tony Catania - lead guitar
Michael (Whitesnake) Devin - bass
Stephen LeBlanc - pedal steel guitar, keyboards

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U2 - 2000-12-05 - Irving Plaza, NY (DVD)

Concert professionally filmed. It was produced for television & archive purposes.
Filmed with multi angle cameras with excelent sharp picture
Running Time: 2h15min.
Interactive Menu

Song List 
01. Beautiful Day
02. Elevation
03. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out of
04. I Remember You
05. New York
06. I Will Follow
07. Desire (Acoustic)
08. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Acoustic)
09. Mysterious Ways-Sexual Healing
10. One-Walk On
11. All I Want is You
12. Bad - Ruby Tuesday
13. 11 O’clock Tick Tock
14. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Bonus Features

New York, CBS Studios, “David Letterman Show”, October 29th, 2001.
1) New York
2) Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Sanremo, Teatro Ariston, February 25th, 2000. 
1) All I Want is You (Acoustic)
2) The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Accoustic)

New York, Radio City Music Hall, September 4th, 1997. 
1) Please.

Reggio Emilia, Festa dell’unita, September 4th, 1997. 
1) Intro-Pop Muzik. 
2) Mofo 
3) I Will Follow  
4) Gone.

Los Angeles, Kodak Theatre, March 23rd, 2003. 
1) The Hands That Built America:

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