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Yes - 1976-06-17 - Jersey City, NJ (SHN Remaster FM Broadcast)

Yes - 1976-06-17 - Jersey City, NJ (SHN Remaster FM Broad)
Venue: Roosevelt Stadium
FM Broadcast
Remaster by the Progressive Rock Remaster Project
Size: 888 MB

Lineage: SBD > "Master FM" (unknown media) > remastered by SMT using unknown software > PRRP ReMastering*>SHN

Notes from the Remaster:

"Since the source for this concert is a radio broadcast, the sound quality is generally good to begin with. The actual source was a CD version of the master tapes obtained from the broadcasting radio station WNEW. We would like to thank Shaun Toole for providing his remastered source to us for this project.
Viable music signal was present up to 18,000 Hz. This is quite rare for progressive rock concerts available from the 1970’s and makes this recording quite unique. A radio transmission or microphone / patch cord buzz occurred in the left channel off and on throughout the show and needed to be corrected. Fortunately, the buzz was specifically identified in the frequency spectrum and was surgically attacked. This approach produced a minimal effect on the remainder of the music. Pops and clicks occurred frequently and were manually removed. Radio announcer volume was out of proportion to the music in some segments and needed to be adjusted. Finally, only a slight amount of noise reduction was needed during quite segments."
*From the Progressive Rock Remaster Project:

Remaster notes²:
"All remastered works are made with Cool Edit Audio Processing Software. When the source is a CD, The music is ripped using Exact Audio Copy software. 6-Head Hi-Fi VCR is used when the source is video tape. An Onkyo cassette deck is used for cassette tapes and monster cables connect the sources to the Sound Blaster  Audigy computer sound card. This allows 24 bit A/D conversion. The system itself is (was) a Dell Pentium IV running at 2.8GHz."

Disc 1
01. WNEW / WMMB DJ’s Introduction  1:22
02. Intro / Apocalypse  1:16
03. Siberian Khatru  9:15
04. Sound Chaser  11:03
05. I've Seen All Good People  7:18
06. Gates Of Delirium  22:18

Disc 2
01. Long Distance Runaround  2:17
02. Patrick Moraz Solo  4:14
03. Steve Howe Solo – Clap  3:39
04. Jon Anderson Solo – Exerpt From Olias  3:49
05. Heart Of The Sunrise  11:29
06. Ritual  25:47
07. DJ Chatter #1  1:28
08. Roundabout  8:36
09. DJ Chatter #2  1:28
10. I'm Down  3:29
11. DJ Outro  1:34

Broadcasted on WNEW radio Live

Yes Line Up
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass
Steve Howe: Guitar
Alan White: Drums
Patrick Moraz: Keyboard

We Would like to thank all the people whose efforts made available one more Yes concert.


Yes - 1971 Soundboards [no label, 1CD]

Yes - 1971 Soundboards [no label, 1CD] 
Soundboard 1971-01-24 Gothenburg, Sweeden
1971-07-24 - New Haven, CT Venue: Yale Bowl

 Mp3 @ 192 kbps

 Notes from the Roio - bigO audio archives "
Put it down to the vagaries of time but back in 1971, Yes were a support act, opening for Grand Funk in New Haven. Sure we like Grand Funk’s Are You Ready?, We’re An American Band but to sit through Yes before the main act… Well, Yes are still riffing along today… Back in the day Yes must have given those Grand Funk fans quite a earful. Even as a support act, they were already on top of the game - elaborate and exquisite guitar work (the inclusion of Steve Howe in the band was a timely move), thoughtful instrumentation and thematic songs that could have gone on and on. While the January 1971 gig featured tracks from 1970’s Time And A Word, it gave audiences a taste of what would be a classic in the Yes repertoire - All Good People, which would be found on The Yes Album, released in February 1971. Thanks then to the person who had the interest and the foresight to record these shows and especially to The TooleMan who touched up the sound. A word of thanks too to the person who shared these tracks on the internet."

 The TooleMan notes: “Gothenburg: recordings of this show have been around for a while, but the source tape I was given is as clean as it gets. The audio was a bit bassy, and has been cleaned up. I would bet this was performed in a TV or radio studio. The recording is pre-broadcast, for sure. l don’t know if there is more of this session than appears here, but this is all I’ve ever found. “New Haven: of all the unofficial Yes recordings, this is my favorite. The story is that the taper walked up to the soundboard with a reel to reel recorder and plugged in. The first-generation copy I was given is very clean. “The recording had one major problem: the first seconds of Yours Is No Disgrace are missing. Maybe the leader tape was still running through the machine at that moment, or the taper just didn’t throw the switch in time. I reconstructed those opening notes from a passage later in the song where they are repeated. The result is seamlessly perfect. “I took some liberties in spicing up this otherwise cold-sounding tape by punching up the EQ and adding some delay and stereo ambience to create the effect of an outdoor performance, with sound bouncing off neighboring buildings. I also cranked up the audience response, which was picked up through the stage mics and can barely be heard on the raw tape. I also detected, reflected, injected, infected but not neglected, rejected, inflected, respected, and speed-corrected. “The result is a performance much more “alive” with the vibe of Yes playing in front of one of their first really big audiences (they were opening for Grand Funk), savoring the enthusiastic response from the crowd and probably getting the first vision of their later massive success.

01. All Good People [7:53]
02. Astral Traveler [7:15]
03. Everydays [11:29]
04. Yours Is No Disgrace [11:52]
05. All Good People [7:12]
06. Clap/Classical Gas [5:47]
07. Perpetual Change [14:15]

Total Running Time: 1:05'43"
Songs 01-03: Gothenburg, Sweeden - January 24, 1971
Songs 04-07: New Haven, CT - July 24, 1971

Yes Line Up
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass & Vocals
Bill Bruford: Drums
Tony Kaye: Keyboards
Steve Howe: Guitar


U2 - 1992-08-13 - East Rutherford, NJ (FLAC - SBD)

U2 - 1992-08-13 - East Rutherford, NJ (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: Giant's Stadium
Tour : ZooTV Tour
Leg 3 - Outside Broadcast Tour


Bootleg: Achtung Ya Rain Clouds


Disc 1 (0:54:04)
01. George Bush Rap
02. Zoo Station
03. The Fly
04. Zapping Zoo Tv Channels
05. Even Better Than The Real Thing
06. Mysterious Ways
07. One
08. She's A Mystery To Me
09. Until The End Of The World
10. New Year's Day
11. Larry's Speech
12. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
13. Angel Of Harlem
14. When Love Comes To Town

Disc 2 (1:05:48)
01. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
02. All I Want Is You
03. Sunday Bloody Sunday
04. Bullet The Blue Sky
05. Running To Stand Still
06. Where The Streets Have No Name
07. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
08. Desire
09. Mirrorball Man Phone Call
10. With Or Without You
11. Love Is Blindness
12. Zoo Station
13. The Fly
14. Even Better Than The Real Thing

Disc 1 & 2 (1-11) : East Rutherford, August 13, 1992
Disc 2 (12-14) : New-York, March 20, 1992


U2 - 1984-10-25 - Paris, France (FLAC)

U2 - 1984-10-25 - Paris, France (FLAC)
Venue: Espace Balard
Bootleg: "Let Some Air in this Place"

Sound Quality: Good audience

Lineage : audience > ??? > CDR > EAC (V0.95 BETA 3) > WAV > FLAC FRONTEND (V1.7.1) > FLAC (LEVEL 5)

Total Running Time : 88:25
Complete Show: YES
File Size: 516 MB (FLAC)
Covers: YES

Thank You fortylicks for sharing

Track listing:
CD 1:
01. 4th Of July
02. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
03. I Will Follow
04. Wire
05. MLK
06. The Unforgettable Fire
07. Surrender
08. Two Hearts Beat As One
09. Seconds
10. A Sort Of Homecoming
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday

CD 2:
01. Electric Co.
02. Bad
03. October
04. New Year's Day
05. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
06. Party Girl
07. Gloria
08. "40"


U2 - 1984-10-18 - Lyon, France (FLAC)

U2 - 1984-10-18 - Lyon, France (FLAC)
Venue: Espace Tony Garnier

Audience Recording

Comments from u2gigs:
Live debuts of MLK, Bad, and Indian Summer Sky. This is the second of only two Unforgettable Fire
Tour shows to be opened by a song from The Unforgettable Fire (the first was 17 September 1984,
Melbourne, when Wire opened). At the end of Indian Summer Sky, Bono loses his cool with someone
in the crowd causing trouble.

"Lossless confirmed with adobe audition 1.5." (dema75)

Shared on Dime by Fortylicks (Thank You!)


Disc 1 (41:44)
01. 4th Of July [1:55]
02. MLK [0:57]
03. The Unforgettable Fire[4:41]
04. Surrender [4:39]
05. Two Hearts Beat As One [4:26]
06. Seconds [3:15]
07. Sunday Bloody Sunday [5:29]
08. The Electric Co. [5:03]
09. Bad [7:53]
10. Indian Summer Sky [3:26]

Disc 2 (30:08)
01. October [2:09]
02. New Year's Day [4:44]
03. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [4:08]
04. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [4:56]
05. I Will Follow [4:17]
06. Gloria [3:49]
07. 40 [6:05]


U2 - 1984-11-06 - Glasgow, Scotland (FLAC)

U2 - 1984-11-06 - Glasgow, Scotland (FLAC)
Venue: Barrowlands
November 06, 1984
Bootleg: "A Home Away From Home"

Excellent Audience Recording

Source: Silverdisc > EAC > WAV-Files > FLAC FRONTEND > FLAC (Level 6)

Thanks to fortylicks for sharing it!

01. 4th Of July / 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
02. I Will Follow
03. Wire
04. MLK
05. The Unforgettable Fire
06. Surrender / Gloria
07. Two Hearts Beat As One
08. Seconds
09. A Sort Of Homecoming
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
11. The Cry / Electric Co. / Amazing Grace
12. Bad
13. October
14. New Year's Day
15. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
16. Gloria
17. "40"