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Yes - 1976-06-17 - Jersey City, NJ (SHN Remaster FM Broadcast)

Yes - 1976-06-17 - Jersey City, NJ (SHN Remaster FM Broad)
Venue: Roosevelt Stadium
FM Broadcast
Remaster by the Progressive Rock Remaster Project
Size: 888 MB

Lineage: SBD > "Master FM" (unknown media) > remastered by SMT using unknown software > PRRP ReMastering*>SHN

Notes from the Remaster:

"Since the source for this concert is a radio broadcast, the sound quality is generally good to begin with. The actual source was a CD version of the master tapes obtained from the broadcasting radio station WNEW. We would like to thank Shaun Toole for providing his remastered source to us for this project.
Viable music signal was present up to 18,000 Hz. This is quite rare for progressive rock concerts available from the 1970’s and makes this recording quite unique. A radio transmission or microphone / patch cord buzz occurred in the left channel off and on throughout the show and needed to be corrected. Fortunately, the buzz was specifically identified in the frequency spectrum and was surgically attacked. This approach produced a minimal effect on the remainder of the music. Pops and clicks occurred frequently and were manually removed. Radio announcer volume was out of proportion to the music in some segments and needed to be adjusted. Finally, only a slight amount of noise reduction was needed during quite segments."
*From the Progressive Rock Remaster Project:

Remaster notes²:
"All remastered works are made with Cool Edit Audio Processing Software. When the source is a CD, The music is ripped using Exact Audio Copy software. 6-Head Hi-Fi VCR is used when the source is video tape. An Onkyo cassette deck is used for cassette tapes and monster cables connect the sources to the Sound Blaster  Audigy computer sound card. This allows 24 bit A/D conversion. The system itself is (was) a Dell Pentium IV running at 2.8GHz."

Disc 1
01. WNEW / WMMB DJ’s Introduction  1:22
02. Intro / Apocalypse  1:16
03. Siberian Khatru  9:15
04. Sound Chaser  11:03
05. I've Seen All Good People  7:18
06. Gates Of Delirium  22:18

Disc 2
01. Long Distance Runaround  2:17
02. Patrick Moraz Solo  4:14
03. Steve Howe Solo – Clap  3:39
04. Jon Anderson Solo – Exerpt From Olias  3:49
05. Heart Of The Sunrise  11:29
06. Ritual  25:47
07. DJ Chatter #1  1:28
08. Roundabout  8:36
09. DJ Chatter #2  1:28
10. I'm Down  3:29
11. DJ Outro  1:34

Broadcasted on WNEW radio Live

Yes Line Up
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass
Steve Howe: Guitar
Alan White: Drums
Patrick Moraz: Keyboard

We Would like to thank all the people whose efforts made available one more Yes concert.


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