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Coldplay - 2002-07-10 - Cologne, Germany (FLAC - BROADCAST)

Coldplay - 2002-07-10 - Cologne, Germany (FLAC - BROADCAST)
Venue: Kultkomplex Café
Cologne, Germany

Live and acoustic set recorded 10.07.2002. Köln Kultkomplex Café (WDR Eins Live Radiokonzert)

Lineage: FM (WDR Eins Live Broadcast)(Digital Satellite FM > DAT MAster > CD > WAV > FLAC

Duration: 45:52

This is a german broadcast by WDR Radio Eins Live. This is a superb recording with a phenomenal sound. Note that this is an acoustic set, so the show is very interesting. The band is in good shape and Chris Martin is very talkative throughout the gig, even joking during his speeches with the small audience. Last tune is a cover of the song by A-Ha.

01. Politik [6:14]
02. Shiver [5:23]
03. Trouble [5:35]
04. Don't Panic [3:29]
05. In My Place [4:08]
06. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [5:29]
07. Yellow [5:52]
08. The Scientist [7:20]
09. Hunting High & Low (A-HA cover) [2:22]


U2 - 2011-06-17 - Anaheim, California (FLAC - IEM)

U2 - 2011-06-17 - Anaheim, California (FLAC - IEM)
Venue: Angel Stadium

Edge IEM (Stereo)

Lineage: Sennheiser Receiver > Olympus LS-11 > Mastering > Flac

Taper: loftarasa

Taper notes:
"Many thanks to U2Seek for lending me the equipment & mastering the recording. Thank you to everyone who helped me getting started and ready to record, you know who you are. A big extra special thank you goes to *anonymous* Mind your karma and do not sell this recording..."

01. Space Oddity
02. Even Better Than The Real Thing
03. I Will Follow
04. Get On Your Boots
05. Magnificent
06. Mysterious Ways / The Great Curve*
07. Elevation
08. Until The End Of The World
09. Bono Speech / Happy Birthday
10. All I Want Is You
11. Bono Speech
12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) / In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning*
13. Beautiful Day / Space Oddity*
14. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
15. Miss Sarajevo
16. Zooropa
17. City Of Blinding Lights
18. Vertigo / Are You Gonna Go My Way*
19. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight / Discotheque* / Life During Wartime* / Psycho Killer*
20. Sunday Bloody Sunday
21. Scarlet
22. Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone*
23. One
24. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow* / Where The Streets Have No Name
25. Bono Speech / Encore Intermission
26. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
27. With Or Without You
28. Bono Speech
29. Moment Of Surrender
30. Outro

* Snippet


Jethro Tull - "This Is Not A Test" - IMPROVED - 1981 - (FLAC)

Jethro Tull - "This Is Not A Test" - IMPROVED - 1981 - (FLAC)
Venue: Live at The Scandinavim
Goteborg (Gothenburg) Sweden
Recorded on February 7, 1981

bootslive notice:
This blog respects the trade chain, from taper to seeder, that turns a lot of concert recordings available, and is not our practice to omit or to delete previous information about releases which we are sharing, as well as is not and will never be our intention to pretend that something posted here came out from somewhere as magic, following are the original information and its notes. Thank hopboy for sharing:

hopboy Notes;
"No lineage was given to the original files, but this came from the "TullTrades Group" in the old "APE" format. I converted it to FLAC as it is more acceptable to most downloaders. I consider the main concert to be quite good audience. It was probably recorded on mini disc. The bonus tracks are not mini disc sourced however. These are some improvements that have been made to the show:
Single dropouts repaired on tracks 1, 3, & 8 of CD1; Microphone knocks or other loud, distracting noises; were removed on tracks 6 of CD1 and track 3 of CD2; A few track markers were moved slightly as needed; Applause at beginning of track 1 on CD2 was seamlessly added; to the end of track 14 of CD1, where it belongs; CD2 now begins on Ian's 'countdown' to the band; Volume was reduced and balanced on the interview; No noise reduction or EQ was added or used in the improving. Shared and Uploaded by hopboy - July 2010"

Brought to you originally from "A Grassy Sound Tree" in 2001 Released in conjunction with the "TullTrades Group"

Main Concert:

CD 1
01 Slipstream Intro
02 Black Sunday
03 Crossfire
04 Songs From the Wood
05 A Hunting Girl
06 Pine Martin's Jig
07 Dun Ringill
08 Flyingdale Flyer
09 Heavy Horses
10 Skating Away
11 Flute Improv
12 Untitled Instrumental
13 Keyboard Solo
14 Batteries Not Included

CD 2
01 Uniform
02 Protect and Survive
03 Guitar and Bass Interlude
04 Aqualung
05 Locomotive Breath
06 The Dambusters March
Bonus Tracks - Unreleased Live Tracks Recorded on the "A Tour"
07 Something's On The Move
08 Bungle In The Jungle
09 Ian Anderson Interviewed on Oct 15, 1980 on WMMS Radio Station in Cleveland Ohio - Official content played at interview was removed

Total running time is appx 117 minutes


U2 - 2001-05-16 - Chicago, IL (MATRIX - FLAC)

U2 - 2001-05-16 - Chicago, IL (MATRIX - FLAC)
Venue: United Center

Sound Quality: Excellent audience/IEM mix.

Manufacturer: Poppy Productions
Catalog: PP 05 1605-1
Matrix: NA
Barcode: NA
Complete Show: YES
Format: 2CD
Released: 2005

This excellent recording is a mix of a very good audience tape by f.w. and a before rarely circulated IEM recording of that night. The sound quality is excellent, but has also some weak points caused by the typical IEM clicking. A lot of it has been removed or reduced with a slight lost of quality. This is for example notable during the beginning of Where the Streets Have No Name and With or Without You. But still, without clicking it might be more enjoyable than with it. And without questioning it is very enjoyable recording to listen to. It is perhaps one of the best recordings from the Elevation tour. This recording is close to the quality of Birdman's ALD/AUD Mix from the night before and the famous 'Cleveland Tea Party' recording. You can clearly hear Bono's voice and Larry's drumming. Unfortunately Edge's guitar is sometimes a little bit hard to hear. Crowd noise is almost not present or at least in no way disturbing. It only comes in at the right time.

Disc 1: (71:43)
01. Introduction / Elevation
02. The Fly
03. Even Better Than The Real Thing
04. Mysterious Ways / Sexual Healing
05. One
06. Wake Up Dead Man
07. Until The End Of The World
08. New Year's Day
09. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
10. Kite
11. New York
12. I Will Follow
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Sweetest Thing

Disc 2: (56:19)
01. Band Introduction
02. Angel Of Harlem
03. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
04. All I Want Is You
05. Where The Streets Have No Name
06. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
07. Bullet The Blue Sky
08. With Or Without You
09. Beautiful Day
10. I Remember You
11. Walk On

Radiohead - 1995-04-19 - Bristol, UK (FM - FLAC)

Radiohead - 1995-04-19 - Bristol, UK (FM - FLAC)
Venue: The Anson Rooms, England, UK
Bristol Sound City 1995
19th April 1995

BBC Radio 1 FM Broadcast > My Old Sony Stereo > TDK AR90 Tape > NAD 616 Tape Deck > Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Soundcard
> Sound Forge 8, 1411 kbs, 16 bit, 44 khz WAV >encoded at Flac level 6

Thanks Daksha by share!

Daksha notes:
"A BIG SHOUT OUT TO BLG!!!. An amazing contributor to this site and the seeder of many original Radiohead recordings. Many shows would never see the light of day without his efforts. My many thanks for all your efforts. Anyone who has ever downloaded anything from him should send him their hearty appreciation. He has given us some real gems. Anyone who appreciates my uploads please say thanks its always great to hear. ENJOY!! "

We'd like to thank both of them!

01. The Bends
02. Just
03. Anyone Can Play Guitar
04. Bones
05. High and Dry
06. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
07. Fake Plastic Trees
08. Planet Telex
09. My Iron Lung


U2 - 1984-11-05 - Edinburgh, Scotland (FLAC)

U2 - 1984-11-05 - Edinburgh, Scotland (FLAC)
Venue: Playhouse

Excellent Audience Recording

Source : D3 > ADM2 > WAV > CDR

Conversion : CDR > EAC V0.9 Beta 4 (Secure & Tested) > WAV > MKWACT 0.96f > SHN

Bootleg: "Unforgettable Scots"
Attendance: 5.000 (sellout)
Support: The Waterboys

Thanks for fortylicks!

Pimm Jal De La Parra comments:
"The enthusiastic Scottish audience sing and clap along continuously, often out of time. At the start of Bad, Edge experiences some technical problems. "Take your time Edge, take your time.. is on your side", Bono sings, improvising his way towards the Rolling Stones song. He drags production manager Steve Iredale onstage during Party Girl and announces it's his birthday".

Fortylicks Comments:
"Outstanding sound quality, and a great performance by the band, like all Scottish dates.
Audience is very participative, but it's not intrusive during songs, you can hear them all participating, but you can't hear individual voices. Highly recommended."

Disc 1 (43:25)
01. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [4:53]
02. I Will Follow [3:54]
03. Wire [3:59]
04. MLK [1:52]
05. The Unforgettable Fire [4:55]
06. Surrender [4:24]
07. Two Hearts Beat As One [4:53]
08. Seconds [3:43]
09. A Sort of Homecoming [5:36]
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday [5:16]

Disc 2 (43:42)
01. The Cry / The Electric Co. [5:53]
02. Bad [9:26]
03. October [2:10]
04. New Year's Day [4:46]
05. Pride (In The Name of Love) [4:12]
06. Party Girl [3:31]
07. Gloria [6:35]
08. "40" [7:09]