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Rush - 2011-04-03 - Nashville, TN (FLAC)

Rush - 2011-04-03 - Nashville, TN (FLAC)
Venue: Bridgestone Arena
Audience Recording

Bootleg: Harpooned Walrus

Press Note:
"Although the group has rarely (until quite recently) received any critical accolades outside of instrumental magazines, and in fact has been much lampooned by mainstream critics across the decades, the music of Rush actually holds up far better over time than that of most of its contemporaries. Sunday evening's performance was very well-paced and allowed the band members to do what they do best, which is play very difficult music extremely well. Vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee, drummer/lyricist Neil Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson demonstrated over and over again why their die-hard fans have given them such devotion over such a long period of time. The band's strength lies in the very thing that many critics probably see as its greatest weakness, which is its complete unwillingness - or inability - to change and follow trends. That's not to say that Rush hasn't incorporated various contemporary influences here and there, but always in such an unmistakable way that there's no doubt, no matter what era of the band's long career, that what you're hearing could only possibly be Rush". (-Sterling Whitaker -  The Examiner (re)posted on

Set 1:
01. The Spirit of Radio
02. Time Stand Still
03. Presto
04. Stick It Out
05. Workin' Them Angels
06. Leave That Thing Alone
07. Faithless
08. BU2B
09. Freewill
10. Marathon
11. Subdivisions

Set 2:
01. Tom Sawyer
02. Red Barchetta
03. YYZ
04. Limelight
05. The Camera Eye
06. Witch Hunt
07. Vital Signs
08. Caravan
09. Drum Solo
10. Acoustic Guitar Solo
11. Closer to the Heart
12. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
13. Far Cry
14. Encore Applause
15. La Villa Strangiato
16. Working Man

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