Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rush - Through the Camera Eye - DVD (RARE)

Rush - Through the Camera Eye - DVD

This is a transfer from VHS.
Were also created menus and used a bit of noise reduction and eq.
the original VHS cover was converted and restored, which is also included in this upload.
The main reasons for putting this compilation to DVD was to have digitized versions of Vital Signs, The Body Electric and Countdown which for some reason chronicles omitted!

01 "Distant Early Warning" - 5:31
02 "Vital Signs" - 4:42
03 "The Body Electric" - 5:08
04 "Afterimage" - 5:11
05 "Subdivisions" - 5:37
06 "Tom Sawyer (Live)" - 4:43
07 "The Enemy Within" - 4:22
08 "Countdown" - 5:56
09 Credits - 1:24

download links here in a txt file


  1. missed some file ?
    time to write Nero not found the file VOB 3
    error alocation of files ,I recorded it anyway but "The Enemy Within" "Countdown" and Credits not open.opening dvd its beautiful,congratulations
    very thanks

  2. any chance of a repost, there is no link to click, thanks

  3. Try pass the mouse over the word "HERE"...

    Links checked and working fine.

  4. I've tried to contact you (Guilbor and Dale) through your profiles, but aren't available for people strange to friends list (i guess).