Monday, May 2, 2011

Beady Eye, 2011-04-03, London Japan Benefit Gig

Beady Eye, 2011-04-03, London
Japan Benefit Gig, 02 Academy
Digital Satellite Stream

01. Dave Berry XFM Intro
02. Yellow Tail (Intro)
03. Four Letter Word
04. Beatles and Stones
05. Millionaire
06. The Roller
07. XFM Interlude
08. Bring The Light
09. Standing On The Edge of The Noise
10. Kill For a Dream
11. XFM Interlude
12. Man Of Misery
13. The Morning Son
14. XFM Interlude
15. Sons of the Stage
16. Across the Universe
17. XFM Outro

A slightly cut down down setlist but it does include a real surprise with a cover
of The Beatles song Across The Universe. The original mp2 file was splitted into
separate mp3's with the DJ talk as single tracks. If you want to delete them feel
free and also so they will match up to the artworks.
An edit of the gig was made by removing the XFM jingles and cross faded the crowd
between the songs so it flows.

Donate to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Fund:

Buy the studio version of Across The Universe by Beady Eye,
where 62p of the 99p goes towards the appeal, here:


download link HERE in a txt file

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