Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rush - Through The Camera Eye - DVD RARE - REPOST

Rush - Through The Camera Eye - DVD REPOST
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(Restored by GT MEDIA)

This is a transfer from VHS released in 1984. Were also created menus and used a bit of noise reduction and eq. The original VHS cover was converted and restored, which is also included in this upload. The main reasons for putting this compilation to DVD was to have digitized versions of Vital Signs, The Body Electric and Countdown which for some reason chronicles omitted! This is one of the lesser known Rush video's, released in 1984, a year later put on a laser-disc but we still have to wait on a DVD release. It's the era that Rush looked like dressmen on the catwalk, especially the handsome Alex.
The music turned into more swinging and the trio blended styles like ska, reggae and new wave into their early Eighties 'powerprog', obviously influenced by The Police.
One of the highlights is the final part of the swinging composition Vital Signs, very compelling with a soaring synthesizer sound, propulsive guitar riffs on a white Fender Stratocaster and dynamic drumming, a very captivating and distinctive Rush sound in the mid-Eighties!
"Review: This video collection from Rush showcases some of the most brilliant work in their history. One of the best aspects of this collection is that most of the songs recieved little if, any airplay. So it is a great opportunity to see and hear some truly creative work from one of the world's best,(and most underrated) rock bands. Highpoints of the collection include The Body Electric and The Enemy Within from the Grace Under Pressure album and Vital Signs from the Moving Pictures album .But the finest work in this collection is Countdown from the Signals album. The band wrote the song in honor of the space shuttle Columbia's first liftoff and the video has excellent scenes from the launch. "

Line-up / Musicians
Geddy Lee / vocals, bass and keyboards
Alex Lifeson / guitars
Neil Peart / drums and percussion

Track Listing:
01. Distant Early Warning - 5:31
02. Vital Signs - 4:42
03. The Body Electric - 5:08
04. Afterimage - 5:11
05. Subdivisions - 5:37
06. Tom Sawyer (Live) - 4:43
07. The Enemy Within - 4:22
08. Countdown - 5:56
09. Credits - 1:24

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