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U2 - 2010-08-15 - Horsens, Denmark

U2 - 2010-08-15 - Horsens, Denmark
Casa Arena

Taper: DeRosa
Location: Just right of mixer tent
Equipment: OKMII-R Pro Binaural In-ear mics/Nomad JB3 Recorder at 44100hz/wav

01. Intro - SPace Oddity
02. Return of the Stingray Guitar
03. Beautiful Day
04. New Years Day #
05. Get On Your Boots
06. Magnificent
07. Mysterious Ways
08. Elevation
09. Bono's Speech
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Sunday Morning Sidewalk #
11. Kris Kristofferson short speech
12. Glastonbury
13. In a Little While
14. Miss Sarajevo
15. Until the End of the World
16. The Unforgettable Fire
17. City of Blinding Lights
18. Vertigo/Teenage Kicks
19. I'll Go Crazy /Radio Tehran
20. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up Stand Up
21. MLK
22. Walk On/You'll Never Walk Alone
23. Desmond Tutu Speech
24. One
25. Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name
26. "Turn on Your Radio"
27. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
28. With or Without You
29. Moment of Surrender

Taper Notes:
Was stood to left of 2 fans in wheelchairs and their helpers, which meant that the right channel is a very clean source as I had more space around me there.
Left channel was slightly marred by people close to me - claps, clicks, shouts etc... but not much. I've been able to eliminate the few seconds that were spoiled by copying from right channel. I've run it through some discrete processes to boost sound.
Final result was run through Harbal EQing and mastering software, Normalised and left channel was "repaired" in Sound Forge (worst clicks removed etc).
Right channel was left as is to mask any artifacts click removal might leave..
Finally tracks were split in CD WAV


Download link HERE in a txt file.


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