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U2 - 2010-09-22 - Brussels, Belgium (FLAC)

U2 - 2010-09-22 - Brussels, Belgium (FLAC)
King Baudouin Stadium
Excellent Audience

Drew's Dub (4-Source Matrix) Mixed In Audition 3.0
1.Bono's IEM > Icom R5 + Tascam Dr-07. Taper: ificould
2.OKMIIR > A3 > SONY DAT TCD-D100. Taper: masseygo
3.Church-Audio Mics CA-14 Cardioids > Church Audio Preamp CA-9100 v.4.4 > Hydra-Audio Cable (1m) > Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04. Taper: trebor (better post production version)
4.SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB-1 Battery Box @107HZ > Olympus LS-10 (24/96) Taper:bedoc

01 Space Odyssey
02 Return Of The Stingray Guitar
03 Beautiful Day
04 I Will Follow
05 Get On Your Boots
06 Magnificent
07 Black is Black* | C Moon* | Mysterious Ways | Norwegian Wood*
08 Elevation
09 Until The End Of The World
10 Bono Speech
11 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For | Movin'On Up*
12 North Star
13 Mercy**
14 In A Little While
15 Miss Sarajevo
16 City Of Blinding Lights
17 Vertigo | Ça Plane Pour Moi*
18 Crazy Tonight (Remix) | Two Tribes* | Reflex*
19 Sunday Bloody Sunday
20 MLK
21 Walk On | You'll Never Walk Alone*
22 Desmond Tutu Speech
23 One
24 Amazing Grace*
25 Where The Streets Have No Name | All You Need is Love*
26 Ultra Violet Intro
27 Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
28 With Or Without You
29 Bono Speech
30 Moment Of Surrender
31 In A Little While*** (bonus track)
32 Sunday Bloody Sunday*** (bonus track)

** (Officially Released on "Wide Awake In Europe" Vinyl EP)(Not included in U2Torrents)
*** Indicates from 2010-10-08 Rome Drew's Dub (3-Source Matrix) (ificould, Romeo, Johnky recordings)

Drew's Notes:
"First, Thanks to the tapers, for without whom, we wouldn't be enjoying this fine sounding show! The IEM is nearly flawless, it does have a few flaws here and there, not bad at all, very listenable.
The masseygo source is low in the mix because it has some distortion on it.
I did a bit of eq on all sources, not much on the IEM, it didn't need much.
This differs from the source used on the Brussels Multi-cam, because, somehow,
some of my original files got corrupted and then bedoc's recording showed up,
so I decided to add that in and redo it. I don't even have a copy of my 3-source matrix that some people have.
The Bonus tracks are all you will ever hear from the Rome Matrix, so please don't ask for more, the IEM had a lot of interference."

* Snippet

Download links: FILESERVE and HOTFILE in a txt file



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