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U2 - 2010-12-01 - Melbourne, Australia

U2 - 2010-12-01 - Melbourne, Australia
Edihad Stadium

Taper: Blackout
Location: From inside Inner circle, in front of Edge
Lineage: Church Audio Cardioid -> Custom modified Logitech Preamp -> Iphone 3GS running Rectools (full 44.1k stereo uncompressed wav recording) > > Sound Forge > Waves L2 Limiting > Spliced using CD Architect > Flac >xACT (VBR mp3)

Taper Notes:
"I didn't expect much from this recording, based on my position inside the inner circle. I was directly in front of the Edge and copped quite a lot of his guitar amps in the spill. I ended up so close to the stage i decided to go for the concert vibe and visual position over recording position this time. But it turns out the recording is better than i had hoped, with more Bono vox being captured in this recording than i heard at the time. Perhaps this is down to my new rig/mic combo, the mics being directional [cardioid] which helped a lot. Also the front of the stage underneath has some nice speaker arrays which help with sound kinda coming "from everywhere" when you are up the front, including off the stage and from the top stacks. A few dropouts at the very start unfortunately, i was busy messing with my new preamp"

01. Intro - The Return Of The Stingray Guitar (01:51)
02. Beautiful Day | Here Comes the Sun* (04:36)
03. I Will Follow (04:00)
04. Get On Your Boots (04:03)
05. Magnificent (05:37)
06. Mysterious Ways | My Sweet Lord* (05:00)
07. Elevation (04:18)
08. Until The End Of The World | Anthem* (05:28)
09. Bono Speech (02:25)
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For | Into My Arms* (04:20)
11. Mercy (04:26)
12. Bad (07:11)
13. In A Little While (03:00)
14. Miss Sarajevo (05:19)
15. City Of Blinding Lights (05:28)
16. Vertigo |Highway to Hell* | Devil Inside* (04:31)
17. Funky Town* | Crazy Tonight (Redanka Remix) | Two Tribes* (06:28)
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday | Get up Stand Up* (05:13)
19. Walk On | You'll Never Walk Alone* (10:40)
20. One (05:25)
21. Amazing Grace* (00:55)
22. Where The Streets Have No Name | All You Need is Love*(05:43)
23. Interlude - Astroboy (03:49)
24. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (05:01)
25. With Or Without You (05:03)
26. Bono Speech (01:46)
27. Moment Of Surrender (09:00)

* Snippet

Download link HERE in a txt file



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