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Rush - 1992-01-30 - Oakland, CA (SHN)

Rush - 1992-01-30 - Oakland, CA (SHN)
Location: Oakland Coliseum

Source:   Soundboard

Bootleg: Rush 'n' Roulette '92
Media:    2 CD Audio
Average Rating:    Audio: 9
Catalog: Silver Rarities: SIRA 54/55

"This is arguably the best double-CD bootleg out there. Taken from a soundboard recording of an early Roll the Bones concert, it sounds almost like an official live Rush album. It merely lacks the final mix of elements to make a "true" live album (sometimes the crowd is too loud, sometimes very faint). The original recording of this show is somewhat in question. Story has it that Les Claypool (bassist for the group Primus, an opening act on the RTB tour) wanted to hear a recording of one of the shows. A DAT copy of the soundboard was sent to him, but intercepted along the way and made into this double CD. Whether or not the story is true, the sound quality on this is almost a guarantee that this is from a (or copy of a) soundboard recording. The packaging on the CD is weak, although there are pictures taken from the RTB tour included inside. Two of the songs are mislabeled: "Dreamline" is "Dream Life", and "Subdivisions" is "Sub Divisions". Overall though, care was taken to make the track listing fairly accurate. This is a no-nonsense, no-frills, must-have CD. In this little gem you're paying for sound quality, not pretty pictures. If you can only buy one RTB show, this is the one to get." (Rush CD Bootleg List)

DISC 1 (62:53)
01. Force Ten
02. Limelight
03. Freewill
04. Distant Early Warning
05. Time Stand Still
06. Dreamline
07. Bravado
08. Roll the Bones
09. Show Don't Tell
10. The Big Money
11. Ghost of a Chance

DISC 2 (63:18)
01. Subdivisions
02. The Pass
03. Where's My Thing?
04. The Rhythm Method
05. Closer to the Heart
06. Xanadu
07. Superconductor
08. Tom Sawyer
09. The Spirit of Radio
10. 2112 Overture
11. Finding My Way
12. La Villa Strangiato
13. Anthem
14. Red Barchetta
15. The Spirit of Radio




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