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Rush. 1996-10-18. Albany, NY (SHN)


Rush. 1996-10-18. Albany, NY (SHN)
Knickerbocker Arena
Bootleg:Echoes On The Stages
Media: 3 CDR

"This has to be one of THE greatest find for us RUSH fans.? Where in the world did this source come from??? WOW!!! The sound is crystal clear with nice stereo separation and a wonderful mix.?  Personally, only a wee bit more low end could help this great sounding source.? According to the packaging, this source is taken from the rehearsal performance one night before the T4E tour opening night (19 October) at the Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY. There is no crowd noise, because there was none.? RUSH is going through the entire setlist (probably) in front of the crew and perhaps few lucky individuals who had the privilege to be there.? Sometimes Geddy throws in odd lyrics here and there; and during some of the older songs, Geddy doesn't sing the lyrics at all and just lets the music come through.? Listen to TSoR for some of Geddy's humor!!? What a great addition to anyone's list." (LeeGeddy)

DISC 1 (55:08):
01. Dreamline   4:04
02. The Big Money   6:34
03. Driven   4:59
04. Half The World   3:58
05. Red Barchetta   6:50
06. Animate   6:38
07. Limbo   5:27
08. The Trees   5:13
09. Red Sector A   5:33
10. Virtuality   5:52

DISC 2 (55:14):
01. Nobody's Hero   5:44
02. Closer To The Heart   4:28
03. 2112   20:38
04. Test For Echo   7:04
05. Subdivisions   5:35
06. Freewill   5:35
07. Roll The Bones   6:10

DISC 3 (50:41):01. Resist   4:44
02. Leave That Thing Alone   4:38
03. The Rhythm Method   7:15
04. Natural Science   8:15
05. Force Ten   4:50
06. Time And Motion   5:02
06. The Spirit of Radio   4:59
07. Tom Sawyer   5:10
08. YYZ   5:48

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  1. Ironic how it sounds great but with no audience it's just no fun to listen to, I think.