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Dream Theater - 2011-07-12 - Moscow, Russia (FLAC)

Dream Theater - 2011-07-12 - Moscow, Russia (FLAC)
Venue: Crocus City Hall
Location: Moscow / Russia

*** Recorded and mixed by Jacob "Rocktrades" ***

Equipment: AT943 cardioid --> CA-9100 (no bass roll-off) --> Sony PCM-M10 (Line-in 24bit/48kHz)

Lineage: USB transfer to PC -> Adobe Audition v.3.0 (dithering to 16bit/44kHz) -> CDWave for track splits -> Flac Frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

DISC 1 (65:51):

01. Introduction: Dream Is Collapsing *
02. Under A Glass Moon
03. These Walls
04. Forsaken
05. Endless Sacrifice
06. Mike Mangini Drum Solo
07. The Ytse Jam
08. Peruvian Skies
09. The Great Debate

DISC 2 (58:33):

10. On The Backs Of Angels **
11. Welcome Mike ~ Happy Birthday John! ***
12. Caught In A Web
13. Through My Words
14. Fatal Tragedy
15. The Count Of Tuscany
- Encore -
16. Learning To Live

Total running time: 2h04

* A Hans Zimmer song used as the main theme in the "Inception" movie;
** From the forthcoming new LP "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" to be released on 13 September 2011;
*** 12 July happened to be John Petrucci's birthday and one of the crew members came on stage with a birthday cake with candles. The audience then gave a rousing 'happy birthday accompanied by Jordan.

Taper Notes:
***Please do not convert the show to lossy formats***
**Include the original info file when trading online**

DOWNLOAD LINKS (in the TXT file) AND ARTWORK (without watermark*)

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