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Radiohead - 1998-12-10 - Human Rights - [FLAC - SBD]

Radiohead - 1998-12-10 - Human Rights Live (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: Palais Omnisport Bercy, Paris, France.
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"The Amnesty International concert at Paris Bercy Stadium marked the 50th anniversary of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some other artists that also performed are Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Asian Dub Foundation, Peter Gabriel, and Kassav.
The members of Radiohead have said: "The Amnesty International human rights concerts in Paris will be our only European appearance this year. We hope this is an effective way to support Amnesty International in their positive work to promote the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration. Without the work of Amnesty, the Declaration would be mere rhetoric."

RADIOHEAD played to a sell out 16,000 crowd in Paris on December 10th at the Amnesty International concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, their only gig this year.
THOM YORKE appears relaxed and combative. (writes NME's JAMES OLDHAM) Eyes shut and head shaking, his every move provokes screaming delirium in the crowd, and when he starts punching the air and jumping on the spot just prior to 'Paranoid Android', he provokes fainting fits across the building. That the audience regard him as human in bodily form alone is beyond doubt, and frankly, it's lucky he doesn't know any French beyond an occasional "Ca Va?" or else Amnesty would be forced to lay on extra ambulances.
After only fifty minutes of this frenzied devotion (which is still a full twenty minutes longer than anyone else has been allotted) Radiohead are forced to begin their final song, with an eloquent reminder of why they are here and a simple thank you. What follows is a carefully measured rendition of 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)', the tick-tock rhythm and sky-bound melody soaring out and above the crowd before snapping to a halt in an instant and leaving the band to depart in silence.
Originally, instead of 'Street Spirit', Radiohead had planned to play a new song called 'The Thief', but last minute they changed their minds"
(info from Smuggled sounds)

01. Lucky    [04:53]
02. Karma Police    [04:12]
03. Exit Music    [04:50]
04. Talkshow Hosts    [05:36]
05. My Iron Lung    [04:46]
06. No Surprises    [04:11]
07. Fake Plastic Trees    [04:56]
08. Bones    [03:28]
09. Paraoid Android    [07:09]
10. Street Spirit    [05:19]

11. Inside My Head    [03:28]*
12. Coke Babies    [03:03]*
13. Just    [03:44]*
14. Pop Is Dead    [02:03]*
15. Anyone Can Play Guitar    [03:54]*

Songs 11-15: Reading Festival, 1994.


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