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Rush - 1992-05-03 - Rotterdam, Holland (FLAC)


Rush - 1992-05-03 - Rotterdam, Holland (FLAC)
Location: Ahoy Sportpaleis
Bootleg: Atmospheric

Media: 2 CD Audio
Catalog: Crystal Cat Records: CC 301/302
Excellent Audience

Average Rating: Audio: 8.8

Comments DRE:
"Atmospheric indeed! .. This is the best audience recording I have ever heard. Being such high quality sound and being an audience recording, you can close your eyes and almost think that you are there. If you are looking for a Roll The Bones boot with some atmosphere .. this is certainly it. Some people think that great soundboard shows sound almost like they are a official release and lose the bootleg feel to them. If you are one of them then this is the RTB boot to get. Otherwise, look into obtaining "Mirrors". (Brent's Bootlegs (Audio - 9))

Rush CD Bootleg List:  
"This is probably the best audience Roll the Bones boot out of all those released so far. It even surpasses Over the Europe in terms of quality. And in spite of what was originally thought, those two boots ARE separate shows. The guitar and vocals are very sharp (including the backing vocals that Alex does!), the drums solid, although the bass can be a bit hard to hear. Even the intermission music (before "Show Don't Tell" for example) stands out, as does the "surround" parts ("I will be the judge"). One slightly annoying thing are the fans -- very loud and obnoxious, but luckily only during the first couple of songs. They must've been told someone was recording the show :-) One other thing that is nice (or annoying) is that every, and I mean EVERY song is indexed. Intermission music and song medleys included. Packaging is a bit weak, but does contain some nice shots of the band during the RTB tour. I especially like the back photo of Geddy & Alex playing together! The CDs themselves are very unique, having an ancient calendar on them. Not quite Rush-related, but it seems like something they would've put inside Counterparts. Overall, a sharp-sounding show, well worth checking out, and the best audience RTB show out!"

"This is the best sounding audience tape ever! It actually sounds so much better than almost every other soundboard out there! I like this bootleg a whole lot more than "Mirrors", most would disagree with me, but it IS they who are wrong! The performance in "Mirrors" is pretty bad when compared to... well, lets just say Kenny G packs more raw passion into his shows. At least in my set list, "Mirrors" has just become obsolete. Never again will I sit through that bland performance. Throughout "Force Ten" you can hear the audience REALLY talk a lot, then they are in the perfect mix for every single second of the rest of the show! I think this is a tremendous must have, I cannot think of one single knock on this one, the sound is 100% and the performance is above average for a great live band! A funny little thing is Alex is freaking out during "Closer to the Heart", he usually does his improv and says something that is at least a sentence structure to it. This time he just spats out things at a hundred miles an hour and I just struggle to keep up, let alone understand. Perfect show, get this one for sure!" (ToBeOrWhat (Audio - 9))

Disc 1  (61:06)
01. Intro   0:56
02. Force Ten   4:45
03. Limelight   4:21
04. Freewill   4:04
05. Distant Early Warning   4:26
06. Time Stand Still   6:08
07. Dreamline   4:59
08. Bravado   6:49
09. Roll the Bones   6:08
10. Intermission Music   0:44
11. Show Don't Tell   5:34
12. The Big Money   6:30
13. Ghost of a Chance   5:34

Disc 2  (64:09)
01. Subdivisions   4:13
02. The Pass   4:50
03. Where's My Thing?   5:35
04. The Rhythm Method   6:20
05. Closer to the Heart   5:12
06. Xanadu   6:54
07. Superconductor   5:07
08. Tom Sawyer Intro   0:35
09. Tom Sawyer   6:34
10. The Spirit of Radio   4:59
11. 2112: Overture   3:17
12. Finding My Way   2:05
13. La Villa Strangiato   3:17
14. Anthem   1:44
15. Red Barchetta   1:33
16. The Spirit Of Radio (reprise)   0:47
17. Cygnus X-1   0:57




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