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Yes - 1991-06-29 - Wembley Arena (FLAC - SBD)

Yes - 1991-06-29 - Wembley Arena (FLAC - SBD)
Venue: Wembley Arena, London, UK

Lineage: 2nd gen tape > WAV > SoundForge 10 Pro > CD > FLAC > you

Seeded/Shared by Relayerman (Thank you!!)

Artwork by André's Music Club (Nice work!)

Relayerman Notes:
"This is the other soundboard show I got from the Union tour. I was told it was London so I compared it to an audience tape I had of the 6-29-1991 show and its the same. I didn't tweak this one at all other than disc fades and few small smooth-overs. I believe a version of this soundboard is floating around already as I had it. That version is not quite as good in quality and it is songs only with no in-between song chatter. This version has a lot of it, but like the Burgettstown, PA show it is missing solo spots for Rabin and Wakeman. Awaken is here, though!  As before, the sound engineer supposedly taped certain songs on a 90 min tape so thats all you get. This is better quality than the Burgettstown, PA show."

Track List:

Disc 1 (0:46:15)
01. Rhythm Of Love (5.14)
02. Shock To The System (5.20)
03. Heart Of The Sunrise (10.53)
04. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6.29)
05. And You And I (10.39)
06. Changes (7.40)

Disc 2 (0:44:12)
01. I've Seen All Good People (7.30)
02. Lift Me Up (8.21)
03. Awaken (17.56)
04. Roundabout (10.25)

Yes Line Up:
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Rick Wakeman
Trevor Rabin
Tony Kaye
Bill Bruford


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