Sunday, September 18, 2011

Led Zeppelin - 2007.12.XX - Rehearsals, Surrey, England (SBD - FLAC)

Led Zeppelin - 2007.12.xx - Rehearsals, Surrey, England (SBD - FLAC)
Venue: Shepperton Studios - Surrey, England UK

Soundboard Recording

Notes: No lineage information or exact date.

In contrast to the ever funny "not from internet download!" selling point bootleggers in Japan loved to use, this release is "NOT FROM ANY BOOTLEG!" Untampered and pure, as it circulated prior to the bootleggers pressing their versions.

Thanks to petercherman for sharing this pearl!

petercherman comments:
"Here is a fascinating one I just got from Lossless Legs, As the information file below says, there is no lineage, nor an exact date. Nor am I sure what "pre-boot" means. But it is a soundboard of the band (well, the band minus the great John Bonham, may he rest in peace) rehearing for possibly the most anticipated concert of the era, and so, worth having. I am very grateful to the original seeder on LL. Thanks to the original uploader!!"


Disc 1 [46:52]
01. Introduction [1:39]
02. Good Times, Bad Times [3:12]
03. Ramble On [5:18]
04. Black Dog [5:25]
05. In My Time Of Dying [10:38]
06. For Your Life [6:10]
07. Trampled Underfoot [5:46]
08. Nobody's Fault But Mine [6:35]
09. No Quarter (cut) [2:09]

Disc 2 [53:34]
01. Since I've Been Loving You [7:38]
02. Dazed And Confused [10:28]
03. Stairway To Heaven [8:16]
04. The Song Remains The Same [5:35]
05. Misty Mountain Hop (cut) [2:50]
06. Kashmir [8:43]
07. Whole Lotta Love [5:51]
08. Rock And Roll [4:13]

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