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Rush - 1984-06-25 - Milwaukee, WI (SHN)

Rush - 1984-06-25 - Milwaukee, WI (SHN)
Venue: Mecca Arena

Media: 2 CDr Audio
Bootleg: Experience To Extremes Remastered
Catalog: Atlas Productions: AP006
Excellent Audience

Digital Rush Experience Average Rating: Audio: 8

Remaster notes:
"I spent quite a bit of time getting this to the correct speed. I'm confident that I have it down to +/- 1/10th of a percent. The original ran a bit over 2% too fast. I made no EQ adjustments as it needed none. I raised the volume a bit, fixed the indexing and dumped the bonus tracks". (Galt_Speaks)

DRE Comments:
"This is definatly a nice show, nice energy, and a nice performance overall. The sound quality is near perfect, but only at the first few songs that the crowd is a little louder than the band themselves. This is definatly up there with a few of the other shows I have found, and it really rivals the soundboard Fear on the 9/21/84 show, becuase the sound qaulity is really just that great. This is a bootleg that you need right away if you don't have it already".  Eric (Audio - 9 / 2009-01-01)

"Awesome sounding bootleg. The band puts on a great show. Highlights are The Enemy Within, Afterimage, The Weapon, and Between The Wheels. My favorite show from the GUP tour". Meir Weinberg (Audio - 9 / 2005-02-21)

"Great AUDIENCE recording. This Remaster fixes few flaws in the original Prism release. I recall a discussion while back where Mike Bahr (Prism) used the Intro/TSoR (first portion) from the GUP Video. You can hear the transition from the SBD source > AUD recording. According to the taper, this show was taped using AKG 460b > Sony WM-D5M. The recording is rich with deep bass and good midrange punch. I think the highs are just a bit too harsh (most likely from the original Prism's EQ). This is by far the BEST audience tape from the GUP tour, closely followed by Reno and Atlanta". LeeGeddy Audio - 8 / 2003-09-01)

Disc 1 (51:24):
01. Intro - 3 Stooges (00:43)
02. The Spirit of Radio (05:04)
03. Subdivisions (05:32)
04. The Body Electric (05:18)
05. The Enemy Within (05:03)
06. The Weapon (08:03)
07. Witch Hunt (05:05)
08. New World Man (04:17)
09. Between The Wheels (05:56)
10. Red Barchetta (06:27)

Disc 2 (49:47):
01. Intro (01:44)
02. Distant Early Warning (05:15)
03. Red Sector A (05:21)
04. Closer to the Heart (03:05)
05. Afterimage (04:55)
06. YYZ (03:12)
07. 2112: The Temples of Syrinx (01:50)
08. Tom Sawyer (04:56)
09. Red Lenses (03:33)
10. Drum Solo (05:15)
11. Red Lenses (reprise) (02:13)
12. Vital Signs (05:07)
13. Finding My Way (01:12)
14. In The Mood  (02:16)

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