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U2 - 1984-12-03 - New York (FLAC)

U2 - 1984-12-03 - New York (FLAC)
Venue: Radio City Music Hall

Excellent Audience Recording

Lineage: From Audience > Sony Handheld Cassetter Recorder > CDR > PC > FLAC
Taping location: Approx 5th row center.

Thanks to fortylicks for sharing

01. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
02. I Will Follow
03. Seconds
04. MLK / The Unforgettable Fire
05. Wire
06. Sunday Bloody Sunday
07. The Electric Co.
08. A Sort Of Homecoming (Tape Flip)
09. (Tape Flip) Bad
10. October / New Year's Day
11. Pride (In the Name of Love)
12. Party Girl
13. Gloria
14. 40

Taper notes:
"This is the first time this show has been mastered from the original  master cassette. I was the travelling companion of the taper. He was notorious for losing things, so I made sure this was in my possession for the future. The show was unusual in many regards. It was their first "big" show in New York. It was a benefit for Amnesty International. Also there were several disturbances during the show. The crowd was in an absolute frenzy. I had never felt such electricity. Check out "I Will Follow". A fan tries to jump onstage and a scuffle ensues, resulting in Edge's Gibson Explorer being snapped at the neck. They broke his fucking guitar!  There were a few more crazy stoppages.  The sound at the show raised the hair on the back of my neck. Huge...powerful, electric...concert sound today sucks!! When the first few notes of "11 O'clock" hit, I knew I had entered a new realm. The guitar was like a giant reverberated church bell, the bass was throbbing but precise, the drums were snapping and the voice was clear as a trumpet. The record out at the time, "Unforgettable Fire", had completely absorbed me. But live, oh boy, what an experience. I saw them about 5 more times on the UF Tour around NY, but this was the best, apart from front row seats at the Nassau Colloseum in 85. Yeh, I'm bragging a bit.  :)
The sound:
"I despise audience recordings in general, but I will tolerate it for rare Hendrix or Doors, but this one blows me away. The clarity comes and goes for the first 3 songs, but then it stays big and detailed for the rest. Enjoy."


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