Tuesday, September 20, 2011

U2 - 1992-10-18 - Kansas City, MO (FLAC)

U2 - 1992-10-18 - Kansas City, MO (FLAC)
Venue: Arrowhead Stadium - INCOMPLETE

Very Good Audience

Thanks drillerfan for this!

Lineage: RS 33-1065 Stereo Mic > Sony-TCS450 Recorder > TDK-ADX90>Pioneer CT-1280WR Deck > Cool Edit > WAV > TLH > Flac

Taper Notes:
"This was a night to remember, I had a smokin hot date, good seats free ( I worked for a Columbia, MO radio station) and it was my first overnight roadtrip with a date. I spilled hot chocholate on my brand new white Nikes, and for years I would look at the brown stain and fondly remember that night. The weather was freezing at one point my date is heard saying "It's freezing" the batteries suffered with the temperatures as well, which is why the recording is incomplete. The next day the KC Star article was titled "U2 Warms Crowd on Chilly Night" The Chiefs (NFL) were playing at Dallas, losing 17–10, the game was on the "ZooTV" screens before the show started. There is a complete version of this night circulating, I believe parts of a 2nd-3rd gen copy of this recording are used to fill the gaps. "

Running Time: [53:38]

01. The Fly [4:44]
02. Even Better Than The Real Thing [5:12]
03. Mysterious Ways [6:37]
04. One / Unchained Melody [6:13]
05. Dirty Old Town [ 1:59]
06. Angel of Harlem [5:17]
07. When Love Comes to Town [3:07]
08. Satellite ofLove [3:58]
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday [4:59]
10. Bullet the Blue Sky [ 5:01]
11. Running to Stand Still [6:31]


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