Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes - 2011-08-02 - Los Angeles, CA (FLAC)

Yes - 2011-08-02 - Los Angeles, CA (FLAC)
venue: The Greek Theater

Lineage:  Fourth row in front of Benoit -> Blue Mikey -> iPhone 3GS using Blue FiRe -> Audacity for trim, track cuts and EQ  -> xACT for FLAC conversion and checksum -> to You and I.

Note: Not quite a complete concert.  Missing end of Yours Is No Disgrace and beginning of Heart Of The Sunrise.

Recording notes:
"Shane Alexander opened, followed by Styx, then Yes. This seat location had a good mix of stage monitors and PA so the recording has more depth compared to the San Diego show. No nearby talkers in this show, just a few whoopers, but there is plenty of crowd noise audible in the quieter passages. Several times during the show Steve gave the evil eye to some talkers right in front of him, and at one point he mentions "so some of your *are* listening!". Enjoy, vin2010.

Thanks to vin2010 for sharing this.

Thanks goes out to the taper. Without the tapers and their generosity we wouldn't get to experience the music! 

If burning to CD, a good disk split point is after 08-Owner Of A Lonely Heart, which is nearly 57 minutes into the show.

01. FFH Overture (pre-recorded)
02. Tempus Fugit
03. Yours Is No Disgrace (incomplete)
04. Heart Of The Sunrise (incomplete)
05. I've Seen All Good People
06. Fly From Here
07. And You And I
08. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
09. Starship Trooper
10. Roundabout

Yes Line Up:
Benoit David, vocals, acoustic guitar and bongos
Geoff Downes, keyboards
Steve Howe, guitars
Chris Squire, bass and pedals, vocal
Alan White, drums and electronic percussion


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